There's no denying that El Clasico is now a one-sided affair in favor of the men in whites, Real Madrid. You will have to trace back to 2009 to discover the last time Barcelona won an encounter against Real Madrid.

Tonight, it was a battle for the Spanish Super Copa played out in the middle eastern part of the world. The winner will play the eventual victor between Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao scheduled for tomorrow.

We all know Barcelona's overdependence on Lionel Messi have been laid bare this season. The Argentine wizard have been the major pillar holding the team and the tireless horse powering them past tough situations but this season, there is no Messi and Barcelona are struggling on all fronts.

Real Madrid began tonight's encounter in normal fashion. Bossing possession when necessary and allowing Barcelona have a fair share of the ball while they pick them apart pieces by pieces. The plan worked as Real Madrid took advantage of their superiority in terms of team squad and Barcelona were left helpless.

Xavi Hernandez, the current Barca coach is doing great work with the team and they are undoubtedly improving but Real Madrid will remain superior for a long time to come according to statistics and analysis.