Lionel Messi. Photo by Daily Express.

Lionel Messi is a super start from Argentina. He is one of the best player in the world. Ht popularity of Messi is the same to Christiano Ronaldo. Both of the players have so many fans over the world. And Lionel Messi is the idol of Catalan Club during the decade. He won many cups with Barcelona.

Then, should he must won the world cup with his country to be respected as the best player?

I think what he has been achieved with Barcelona is a true evidence that has been proved to the world and he is a legend of football. Messi is one of the best footballer in the world. He is an artist. 

In the 2005, all football lover knew Lionel Messi when he won the youth world cup for Argentine. He definitely become one of the most talented young players in the world and Argentine have a new hope to look at their country can win the world cup. Messi is like a diamonds in the world.

Lionel Messi became the most lethal predators for every goal keepers. The way he played the ball is amazing. You can look at his dangerous free kick as well.

Indeed, Messi could not show his best during the World Cup in Russia. However, Messi is Messi. He is still be one of the best player in the world.

This is my opinion and you have the right to give yours.

Keep the spirit, and regards from Indonesia.