Following Betman’s blog, you could almost certainly see the truth — that professional sport is a domain of mafia, constructed to keep your minds away from the important questions of blind robbery of you, the sheeple, conducted through political, economic and financial systems. Why then Betman is watching? Well, this is because of those exciting moments on the pitch, of course!

If you thought Betman will leave you without the highlights of the Champions League Finale, then you have probably made an account at Scorum just five minutes ago! This is a special event, you simply cannot ignore a personal factor, a player that makes a fantastic, unexpected move, you know, the one that makes the crowd go wild… Like this one, when a new striker (or is it a streaker?) enters the pitch ready to score, make a fantastic move, but the arbiters interrupt the match and insist that a new player had to be taken out on the accounts of overdressing! What a shame!

No, Betman did not invented the name of that photographer! I told you it was a domain of Maffia, didn’t I? Why don’t you believe Betman? Would you like a video of that most exciting action of the game? Here it is…

Still don’t believe? Would like to know more about the Wolanski striker? Streaker? Well, she got 2,5 million followers on Instagram overnight, and bloody Facebook censors have taken her account down!

It doesn’t matter. There is a life outside of Mark Zuckerberg’s planet. For example, you can find her at Dorsey asteroid:

And so, an hour or more after that inexcusable decision of arbiters, audience was forced to watch some tedious ball torture for which they even could not get their money back! It really doesn’t matter. We all know who really deserved that Cup!

Can’t wait finals 2020!