The Old Roman Empire had a recipe for keeping the sheeple quiet. They’ve called it: “Panem et Circenses” (literally “Bread and circuses” ie. “Bread and Games”).

“In a political context, the phrase means to generate public approval, not by excellence in public service or public policy, but by diversion, distraction or by satisfying the most immediate or base requirements of a populace — by offering a palliative: for example food (bread) or entertainment (circuses).”

Betman is shocked!

In the old times imperial governments were actually bribing masses with free daily bread and divert and distract their discontent with an entartainment? Gladiator fights and throwing Christians to the hungry lions? Oh, dark times!

We must have come a long way to the modern times, to the age of enlightement, technology and democracy, where governments does not use such primitive methods. Yes, contemporary governments have developed much more sophisticated ways to take your bread away or to price it fiercely — giving in return more sport spectacles, AND price them fiercely!

Not even that was enough! New “Empire” just decided to take from the Spanish sheeple their favourite game — caled “football” — to transform it to “soccer”, AND price it fiercely!

El Classico in Miami? And did you hear that Charlie Stillitano dude? $300 for a ticket, and even more in the future! And Premier League!

Any good sheep will shut the f*ck up and open new credit line for the “Soccer” tickets, eager to see what new blunders Lionel Messi or Sergio Ramos can do. Bad sheep are very angry because they have to give up last crumb of bread and go all the way to Miami for their portion of games.

The question remains: “What will bad AND HUNGRY sheep going to do?”

Another score for plutocracy! (Source: Betman’s Archive)