PICKFORD who has proven himself to be the champion in Russia this season

Ricardo QUERESMA famous for its Trevela and dumbling

BADSUAYI is a Belgian footballer of Congo origin and stands out with its solid physics

One of the 10 best footballers, perhaps arguably the 1st Cristiano RONALDO. Opened to the world and developed its own style in both fashion and football.

Dele ALLI; The best offensive football player of the last century. The phenomenon of recent movement was much debated :)

FIRMİNHO: Portoya kicked in a row as a goal to kick the attention of the draws of the drawers do I wonder if it makes the frame?

Paulo Dybla: The Juventus Maestro

Antoine Griezmann: Inspired by the characteristics of the game, this action makes every goal cheerleader.

Born in the city of La Louviere in Belgium and also the Muslim football player Eden HAZARD Real Madrid is the biggest dream of playing ball.

Aubameyang-Lacazette explained to them that they respected each other.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the few critics to be criticized but who plays for me as a world class football. That's what the goals are. The LakaP is İBRAKADABRA :)