I divided my first article in the sport category into love and friendship. I'm back in the past. Gene wrote on my computer, commenting on the articles of my friends. I didn't hide the colors in my heart. They didn't hide them. Even though our colors were separate, we could combine them in love and friendship. Because that's the way we look at sports. When I remember those days, I think of our struggles against blasphemy and insult with my friends.

What made us so aggressive as to be dehumanized? Why a team supporter, your other team could not be friends, friends could not stay? On the day when I am tied to the colors in my hearts, these are spoken. This is the form of profanity and insults I did not deserve. The people we shared in different colors were very aggressive about friends of different colors. Sports should not have been the area of ​​this kind of frustration.

I'm looking at the current sport. Fans do not digest the club president's friendship with the other. He never gets his football. The button that you plan to get planted. Different colors, eternal enemies. Love is only a concept for those who do not despise. This is how it has been for years. Between the supporters, let the enemy grow.

Let's not comment on the sports articles site, I'm used to it. Why is that? As such, statues are turning into the warrior. What was the war? In this environment I know a lot of sports commentator. She hasn't found the answer yet.

What I don't understand is that, in the world of television, team commentators in newspapers. Interpretation requires an objective consideration. Relative to the side, followers. The task of the buyers is to convey the truth of the wedding dress and the facts. You can find our color in your visit. The place of these wars should not be the world of television and newspapers. If they add color, wouldn't we be talking in vain?

I love to say orum Hello dost to all of you.