Compared to other sports branches, football players, the team's ability to reveal a team more talented than the total of their ability to be strong at all times. For example, the 10 pounds in each one of the pocket of 10 people come together more than 50 pounds can be more beautiful thing:). So I'm talking about being a team

The number, score (goals in football) and the number of goals in other sports branches are too high to be imagined. From the rush to overrun, from the free kick to the penalty, from the volley to the head goals, from the goals scored in the distance to the goals of their own goal.

Compared to other sports branches, there is no need for a special equipment, a private court / hall or even a ball to play.From the hall of the house, the ball from the cover of the soda can be a pillar pole from the marble stone. This makes football a game that can be played anytime anywhere. The other popular sports (basketball, henbol, volleyball, tennis, etc.) is played with the hand of the human being more skilful. This is much more difficult and much more bizarre. Maybe even magical. Because mastery of the feet is not something that human beings are used to. Compared to other sports branches, the quality and superiority of the game in football is much more likely not to be accompanied by a score.

30 shots and 20 corners you use, you can not win a match in the penalty area you may not win the opponent. Your attackers may not be able to make a single accurate final shot, they may become a giant in a goalkeeper's castle, and you may not cross the poles. That round ball may not go in. Or you can win the match with one shot in the opposite direction. These possibilities are always present. This makes the game more unpredictable than paper. A kind of luck-unknown factor is added to the game. Some kind of mystery is involved.

Field sizes and variety of players increase the range of attacks compared to other team sports so that each attack attempt brings with it the possibility of being something new. Every new attack, an innovation in the attack organization, there is another aesthetic promise.

After all the reasons for this widespreadness and likeness, football presents the sense of belonging and the sense of unity that the modern world offers. It turns into a form of identification and proposes an identity. Being a supporter of a football team can be a decisive factor in the identity of the person, and it can be transformed into an original definition. There is a feeling of unity and community among the supporters of the same team. This sense of belonging and community, which cannot find a response in other areas of life, is found in the football world. After all these reasons of widespreadness and goodness, football is one of the cheapest, most easily available fillers of the concept of modern leisure time etti produced by the modern world. All of these are also the reasons why they are played, followed and followed.

And finally, the most beautiful aspects of football cheer and march to support their teams. If you like my article, please don't forget to support