Manchester workers set up a football club in 1878 under the name of Newton Heath LYR Football Club. The club is bought by a businessman in 1902 and renamed to Manchester United. And the club's first emblem is created by influencing the Manchester City Council's emblem. The first emblem in which Manchester United's name is written includes a ship figure that emphasizes maritime trade in the city. In the 1970s, the football team now has the title “Red Devils’. The club, called so-called fan, adds the devil figure to its emblem in 1973. In the current logo, the graphical details are sized by shadows. The biggest change is that Football Club doees not appear in the new logo.

The letters BVB in the logo, the full name of the club are the initials of the words Ballspiel Verein Borussia. The number 09 is the abbreviation of the establishment of the club in 1909. The yellow color in the logo symbolizes the fact that Borussia Dortmund is the third largest sports club in the Bundesliga, the German top football league system. No significant change in logo

The first logo of Real Madrid consisted of the letters M F C (Club Football de Madrid). The logo, which took the form of a circle in 1908, was again carrying these three letters. The biggest change in the logo since 1908 is, of course, the crown. The word ile Real ır means gelen the King aç and the logo of all teams bearing this prefix is ​​reflected in the crown.

Although the logo of the Barcelona Club has changed many times, it has not lost much of its original form. The steep burgundy and blue lines at the bottom of the logo represent the colors of the club, the cross on the top and the yellow red vertical lines represent the flag of the Catalonia Autonomous Region.

For a long time the club's emblem consisted of the Milan flag. For a while, the team's emblem was a picture of a demon and a gold-colored star (given that they had won 10 league titles). Today, the club's emblem, Comune di Milano flag in the middle, ACM abbreviation on the upper part and the foundation year of the year 1899 consists of.

Since its inception, Chelsea has used 4 different emblems. The first emblem created in 1905 consisted of an officer and the name of the club. The first emblem used until 1953 was not in the Chelsea jersey. In 1952, the emblem was C.F.C, which indicated the initials of the club's name. In 1953 the emblem was changed to a blue lion, looking back and holding a wand in his hand. In 1986, at the request of the new owners of the club, the emblem changed again. The lion used in this emblem was more natural-looking and yellow. In the emblem, the club's initials were C.FC. In 2005, a new emblem was created on the 100th anniversary of the club. This emblem, the second emblem found in the back and holding a wand in the hands of the blue lion was changed slightly, and was obtained by adding golden and white tones.

Ajax's coat of arms, founded on March 18, 1900, has been modified several times since its inception. The club's coat of arms was the figure of a footballer wearing an Ajax jersey from 1928 until its founding. Later, the man of the changing armada is one of the heroes of Greek mythology "Ajax". He is the son of Telamon and Periboea and a mythological figure as King of Salamis. Approximately 62 years after the use of this rigging, in 1990, the former call is very complicated and difficult to be designed as the reason why the new rigging was started to be used. The most important feature of this new armage is that the mythological hero Ajax creates 11 lines. These 11 lines represent the 11 Ajax players.

The coat of arms of Atletico Madrid consists of two parts. The red-white lines symbolize the club's colors, while the bear figure that climbs the tree in the blue triangle frame is the flag and symbol of the city of Madrid.

I want to interpret the new logo. Juventus's first letter to the mind, J is designed to come from the letter. Another guess; I think the logo is a JEEP Juventusa sponsor, so the 'j' logo may have been used.

Manchester City logo in 1880 inches was changed repeatedly in 1997. This pattern has a modified motif as well as a red rose motif with Lancashire trade symbol.

The last interval is presented in a round form in December 2015 with the slogan ”One Red Rose” or Gül One Red Rose Only En. Manchester City in the external frame, a logo in one of the logo in a shield under it is a rose icon under it.

The coat of arms of the English club in 1892 was changed several times. The main theme of the search is from Liver Bird, the symbol of the city of Liverpool since the 13th century. Liver Bird is a mythological bird with a half-cormorant and half eagle. In the upper part of the coat of arms, the club's famous slogan, dünya You'll never walk alone, 1982 is the most important man on the back of the club's world-wide successes. Shankly is named after Shankly Gates. The left and right flames of the emblem were added to the armada in memory of 96 Liverpool fans who died in Hillsborough on April 15, 1989.

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