Grandeza is a term that the dictionary of the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) defines as follows in its first two meanings: Excessive size of something with respect to something else of the same gender. Majesty and power. Club America has once again demonstrated that it has tattooed that concept in its DNA, today the America is the most winning team in the history of Mexican football in all areas; those of Coapa have more Leagues (13), more titles of CONCACAF (7) and more MX Cups than anyone (6), this being the last conquest of their showcases. 45 years passed so that the America returned to proclaim champion of a tournament that many years stopped to be disputed, but that, from its reedición had resisted to be conquered by the azulcrema picture.

Always, I have thought that the Copa MX - since it has been presented in panorama with this new format - is a tournament whose potential is totally despised, a badly drawn competition and that contributes very little to the soccer environment of our country - teams and fans- , but it is a tournament that delivers a trophy, which in turn ends up enriching the showcases of those who conquer it. Coapa's showcases are large and vast, the azulcrema table has conquered more titles than anyone in Mexico and what they achieved yesterday in a lackluster, boring and somewhat insipid game, represents the aforementioned: being the most winning team of all competition in Mexico. your area.

But, in America, the demand does not stop; While the recently won title adds to the sweet present of being the most recent MX League Champion, those of Coapa must be clear that for their institution it is absolutely mandatory to conquer any tournament they dispute - these are the standards that as an entity forged- and everything that is not to conquer the double (League-Cup) and consequently the bicampeonato, will be considered as failure. Yes America, shout it, celebrate - with moderation you have a classic at the door - because you have done it again, you have made it very clear that in Mexican football there is no team bigger than you.

Love You All.....