Although Grzegorz Krychowiak's career has not been perfect for more than a year, the Pole has again landed in a good club in a strong league. He retained an excellent salary and a good perspective.

It is potentially better than the other central helpers of Lokomotiv. He will be under the care of a great trainer - tactician and psychologist - we hear. Grzegorz Krychowiak has just been loaned for a year from PSG to the Russian champion Lokomotiv Moscow.

After Euro 2016, it seemed that the Polish midfielder grabbed Lord God by the feet. The transfer to the power building in Paris was one of the most expensive in the white and red history (30 million euros - what French journalists are still very confident to this day). For this branded club, in the second after Poland "homeland" Krychowiak, well-known trainer, around the stars, and all this in the world fashion capital, which also strongly enjoyed the other half of our player.

After a few months, it turned out that the concept of PSG Polak did not work well. He appeared less often on the pitch. After the season, he knew that in order to play, he would have to leave the French capital .

Eventually he found himself in the Premier League in West Bromwich Albion. The club did not belong to the English giants, but it gave the possibility of a weekly game against the best, and in addition was able to pay the Pole a high, five-million salary. In addition, he greeted and announced "Krycha" as one of the most important players in its history, the quarter-finalist of Euro, the winner of two European League Cups, which he wanted to have a French giant in his ranks.

Unfulfilled expectations

The annual career of the Pole in WBA ended on 27 matches and 2 assists, some local media enthusiasm and a few critical texts . Overall, however, a certain lack.

- When coming here, Krychowiak had a good reputation, but he did not meet expectations. His start was not the best when Pulis started as a withdrawn midfielder. In my opinion, there was a lack of chemistry between him and his help colleagues. I have seen him many times as he played for Poland, I know his virtues.

 Krychowiak already a few months ago realized that he would have to go to a new club, because after finishing a loan to WBA at PSG with the new coach Thomas Tuchela, he would rather not get a chance. Experts stressed that the French masters would not want to sell it at all.

- PSG could get 10 million euros for it. He is a brand player who has value on the French, Spanish and Italian market. The best solution would probably be to try to rent it again, but with a good sale clause, expect its price to rise - predicted in May by Damien Comollina, once a sports director of Liverpool, currently a commentator of SFR Sport. It looks like he knew what he was saying.

Help to get better offers have the world championships . Only that Poland and Krychowiak played below them expectations. Perhaps, however, the Polish midfielder signed up in the minds of several Russian activists. He was one of the two white and red players who managed to score a goal at the party, or maybe he just has good managers. In Moscow, he was noticed, and as Lokomotiv was looking for a defensive midfielder, talks began.

With the Champions League, good salary and lack of competition

Their effect is an annual loan with the option of a definitive transfer, which, according to French information, should amount to at least EUR 10 million. Interestingly, part of Krychowiak's salary was taken over again by PSG. Once again, the midfielder did not have to go down from his financial expectations, and in addition he landed in the team of Premier League champion, the sixth in the UEFA ranking . A team that has guaranteed a game in the Champions League. A great place to rebuild and regain radiance

- He is not in serious competition (except Igor Denisov, captain of Lokomotiv). The Pole is potentially better than the other players from the midfield, incidentally the Russians - he assesses his chances of playing the interviewer regularly.

- It will be under the care of a great trainer, Yuri Siomin, who is also a great tactician and psychologist. He will have Maciej Rybus next to him, who will help him to get to know the cloakroom and quickly acclimate to the team. Krychowiak will live in the metropolis, in a place where he will definitely feel good. This loan is determined by the Russian media one of the best reinforcements in this window. The attitude of the fans is also practically one hundred percent positive - emphasizes Lewandowska.

Heating the atmosphere

The attitude and importance of the project "Krychowiak w Lokomotiwa" was also skillfully emphasized by the club media, treating the fans every now and then with a photo of a new player's shirt or a blurred photograph of the player where only the new club colors were clearly visible.

After heating the atmosphere on all social networks, finally good news was officially announced. Krychowiak breathed, breathed the PSG, fans of Russia are happy.

- Renting is the right option. One attempt to raise the price of Krychowiak, through his play in a good club, which is good results - we heard from the journalist "Equipe" Arnaud Hermanta.

For the third year in a row, Krychowiak is the Polish hero of the summer transfer window. For the third time, his next choice in theory does not raise any objections.

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