Russian football returns - on July 27 in Nizhny Novgorod Moscow "Lokomotiv" and CSKA will compete for the Russian Super Cup and open the next season. "" understands who is the favorite of the upcoming meeting and what to put in confrontation with the army and railway workers.

Bets: "total more than 2 goals" for 1.70, "individual total" Lokomotiv "more than 1.5 balls" for 2.80, both will score 1.95, "Lokomotiv's win" with zero for 1.86 "in BC" League of Stakes "

The match for the Super Bowl of Russia differs little from comradely meetings. Too many unknown factors, too little food for thought and information about the real state of the teams. Therefore, you can bet on such games only at your own peril and risk.

"Lokomotiv" - the current champion of the country, and CSKA - the owner of silver medals of the Premier League. Opponent of Lokomotiv in the Super Cup match was to be Tosno, who won the Russian Cup last season, but the club from the Leningrad region was disbanded due to big debts and lack of funds, and the vacated place went to the army team.

Both teams were in the group stage of the Champions League directly and were deprived of the trouble with the passage of qualifications, and therefore did not force the training and did not arrange a parade of military equipment in the control matches. There is nowhere to hurry up CSKA and Lokomotiv.

Perhaps, it is for this reason that the match should not be expected to be beyond the limits of football. Teams are more likely to treat the Super Bowl as the final rehearsal and the final chord of pre-season preparation, but no more. Of course, no one will voluntarily give up the victory and the extra trophy, but the main tasks will be checking the connections, improving mutual understanding and solving game problems. Which, if we speak frankly, the rivals have enough.

Both teams held five friendly matches in June-July, in which they won one victory. Lokomotiv has a slightly better result (one defeat against two at CSKA Moscow), but it does not matter. CSKA showed more than a good football and pleasantly pleased the eye with a nice organization of the game. CSKA not without luck, but absolutely in the case won "Besiktas" (4: 1), but the railwaymen regularly sagged during the meetings and looked weakly in the positional attack.

And yet, the chances of Yuri Semin's wards are seen as slightly more preferable. At the start of the season, the key factor is often the number of errors, and here "Lokomotiv" has an advantage. The composition of the current champion in the off-season has not changed, so, there are no additional problems with teamwork.

Another thing CSKA. CSKA lost brothers Berezutsky and Sergei Ignashevich - experienced players have completed their careers, and this is a huge blow for the defense team. In addition, Ahmed Musa, Pontus Wernbloom, Georgi Milanov and Bibras Natho left the red and blue - an unprecedented change for the well-known collective with its stability.

Add here the fact that Igor Akinfeev, Alexander Golovin and Mario Fernandez started work after the World Cup 2018 only on July 22. Against the backdrop of a serious change in the composition of the problem with teamwork will definitely appear at the start of the season, and the current "Locomotive" has an acute scent on the weakness of the enemy.

Despite the strong quality of football in the pre-season matches, CSKA experienced quite a tangible difficulty in the defense. In the final game, "Yenisei" terribly tore the army on counterattacks, taking advantage of the availability of free zones. But the railway workers will punish for cuts and losses even more severely.

The absence of Akinfeev and global changes in the center of defense led to the fact that the red and blue missed in each of the five control matches. For comparison, Lokomotiv played two meetings out of five, even though the rivals of Yuri Semin's team were more modest. In connection with the reconfiguration of the defense of CSKA and crumpled because of the mundialya preseason, lovers of risk may think about the option "individual total" of Lokomotiv "more than 1.5 balls" for 2.80.

Bookmakers are waiting for a low-impact game, which is pretty strange. First, here are the results of the last personal meetings of army men and railway workers: 2: 2, 1: 3, 4: 0. Secondly, matches for the Super Bowl often get effective. The results for the last five years look like this: 2: 1, 0: 1, 1: 1, 3: 1, 3: 0.

Apparently, less than two goals were scored only once, and "total more than 2 balls" goes for 1.70 - in which case there will be a return. "Total more than 2.5 goals" was rated at 2.30, and the "both will score" for 1.95 is also worth considering. The match for the Super Bowl does not differ with increased pressure, and teams can afford not to dry the game. And the beginning of the season has a problem with mutual understanding and a lot of mistakes, which will also affect the effectiveness.

"Locomotive" will certainly give the ball and play the second number, to guard the counterattack. The chances of the railway workers look slightly higher due to the lack of large changes in the composition. The victory of "Lokomotiv" with a zero handicap goes for 1.86, and success in the regular time - for 2.80. This is clearly not the worst proposal, but remember that the stakes on the outcome of the preseason.

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