One million euros - in Top league it sounds proud. For years, it was thought that the first million cost Ivica Vrdoljak, although it is not true. The leader of the transfer list is Ariel Borysiuk, who will soon be replaced by Portuguese Joao Amaral from Lech Poznan, which will total EUR 1.5 million.

In Top league, transfers of up to a million euros are as rare as the promotion of Polish clubs to the group phase of European cups. Each of these transactions brought with it the hope that her new star had just hit the league. And sometimes it was different. A few days ago, the Portuguese striker Joao Amaral became the new player of Lech Poznań. As determined by, Kolejorz paid Benfica Lisbon for a 26-year-old equal to a million. The league record still belongs to Ariel Borysiuk and will belong - but only for a few weeks. He will be replaced later by Amaral, who, after paying the bonuses by Lech, will cost as much as 1.5 million. This is only the fourth player for which the club from Ekstraklasa paid at least one million euros.

Amaral - record holder, although still unbroken

Three of the four players who reached the million dollar border for the Polish league, played, played or played in Lech. Joao Amaral is the third. The second one was announced three weeks ago when a Poznań club contracted another Portuguese, Pedro Tiba from Chaves. The 29-year-old cost one million euros. The same as Amaral, although the value of the buyer's purchase will still increase. As established by, the Amaral transfer contract includes easy to meet bonuses, including for a certain number of performances. They will make the amount that Lech transfers to the Portuguese account increase to 1.5 million euros, which will be the new Ekstraklasa record. The amount does not include the bonus for signature and management fee.

Business in Poznań: expensive to sell, cheaper to buy

For the first time, the million heads of Kolejorz were released in January 2011, when Rafał Murawski returned after the adventure with Russia to Poznań. Several months earlier, at the special request of coach Gurban Berdiý, the bosses of Rubin paid as much as three million euros for the Pole. But after a few months, it turned out that in Kazan, the representative's spouse feels bad and despite some good matches against Barcelona, ​​he asked the bosses to leave. The choice was natural: Lech Poznań. The heads of Kolejorz had to negotiate with the Tatars for a long time, but eventually they succeeded in bringing Murawski for one-third of the previously earned amount, which is just one million euros.

The second stay of a 30-year-old on Bułgarska did not end as well as the first. For three years Lech with Murawski in the composition did not win the championship or Cup, and in European competitions, Kolejorz did not even advance to the Europa League group. Also the farewell helper was not dreamed - after the January training camp in Jarocin he was thrown into the reserves. The reason was the celebration of coach Mariusz Rumak's name-day and a row with the second trainer, Jerzy Cyrak. After the scandal on the camp, Murawski's fate was decided. Soon afterwards, the player was handed over to Pogoń Szczecin.

A historic million that was not there

For footballers, Legia Warsaw also paid one million euros or more. The historic, first purchase was to take place in the summer of 2010 during the famous "strawberry haul." Among the top-rated Ekstraklasa players, brought back, as reported by the media, for a million euros (although there were also other amounts: 1.2 and 1.5 million) midfielder Croatian champion Ivica Vrdoljak. A year earlier - as assured by the president of Dinama Zdravko Mamić - Vrdoljaka wanted to buy even Borussia Dortmund. But Germanythey did not want to pay 3 million and instead of going to Westphalia, the footballer went to Mazovia. Although not for three million, not even for a million, and for 950 thousand. At the beginning, Mamić wanted 1.6 million euros for him, but that was too much for us. We talked with them for half a year. I flew to Zagreb three times. Finally, the price was raised to 950,000. - says, former sports director of Warsaw's Marek Jóźwiak.

Acquiring the Croat has turned out to be one of Legia's better investments in recent years. Because although Ivo has never been able to sell profitably, he stayed at Łazienkowska for six years. During this time he won two championships and four Polish Cups. In Ekstraklasa he played a total of 128 matches.

Borysiuk - a silent Top league record-breaker

For the first time (and for now the last) one million euro, Legia paid for the player five years later. In the winter of 2016, the capital's shareholders decided to buy their former footballer Ariel Borysiuk from Lechia Gdansk. The newspapers said that 500,000 zlotys were received as a helper for the Gdansk account. euro. In reality, however, it was twice as much. There is a million euros on the transfer contract between the clubs. Interestingly, the first installment for the transaction carried out in January by the team from the sea - in accordance with the contract - was received only in September, that is when Borysiuk did not play in Warsaw anymore! - In addition, the contract was so structured that Lechia got extra money after we sold Ariel to England - says former club owner Boguslaw Lesnodorski.

An additional 150,000 went to Gdańsk. euro, which meant that Borysiuk became a silent record holder of Ekstraklasa, because only a small group of people knew about the real amount of the transfer. The risky investment turned out to be a hit - Borysiuk with Legia coach Stanisław Czerczesowa won the championship and the Cup, and shortly thereafter he was bought by Queens Park Rangers for 1.8 million euros. When Lech pays Benfice bonuses for Amaral, the Pole will replace the Portuguese sniper in the lead position.

A record contract and a non-recessive transfer

Twelve months later, the legionaries decided once again to put up a large ticket. This time for Artur Jedrzejczyk, another representative and former football player of Legia, who was previously loaned from Krasnodar to the capital. By the way, having a great European championship in France behind him, the footballer signed the most lucrative deal in the history of Top league, guaranteeing him 830 thousand every year. gross euro. - In this case, we did not pay Krasnodar bonuses, and the deal spun around the bubble - translator Lesnodorski. However, there was no full million. The contract amounted to less than 900,000 euro, which made Jedrzejczyk the third most expensive player in the history of Legia. - Krasnodar did not want Artur to throw away, but he suggested that he could sell it. Legia was eager and she got along with the Russians - says agent Mariusz Piekarski,

Sobiech for a million, but in a package with a friend

One million people were also told about the transfer of Artur Sobiech to Polonia Warszawa in 2010. At that time, Legia Warszawa offered big money for Sobiecha Ruchow Chorzow. The club from the capital wanted to buy Sobiech's club friend, Maciej Sadlok. - We gave 800,000 for these two. euro and interest on subsequent transactions - says former sports director of Legia Marek Jóźwiak. However, the billionaire Jozef Wojciechowski, the owner of the Polonia, who was known for his cowboy character, got involved in negotiations. After half an hour of talk with the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Movement, Dariusz Smagorowicz, Wojciechowski agreed to pay 4 million zlotys for a 20-year-old sniper, which is equal to one million euros.

- Polonia took Sobiecha and Sadlok, though we did not need the other one. But Smagorowicz wanted to sell the duo right away, because Legia was interested in it. And Wojciechowski wanted Sobiech strongly, so he agreed, "recalls Piotr Ciszewski, a former board member of the Polonia. With an impressive millionth in documents, 700,000 the euro was assigned to Sobiech, and another 300,000 - Sadlok. In the end, Sobiech cost a million, but only a year later, when so many Hanover activists paid for it 96.

Zurawski was the first?

Before Lech and Legia decided to reach the border that operated on the imagination, the transfer of a similar value was carried out by Wisła Kraków . In 1999, billionaire raging billionaire Bogusław Cupiał decided on a crazy step - for the 23-year-old striker Lech Poznań, he put out 2 million marks. It was then the undisputed league record. Estimating how much the euro cost was then impossible is because the European currency was first introduced into circulation only three years later. However, you can estimate that in the middle of 1999, it was more or less costly for Żurawski.

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