Mutu was a good player, but he had some problems... Let's see some stories about his personal life.

Chapter 1: The women

Mutu had at least 20 beatifull women. At 40 years, The Briliant is already at the third marriage.

His first love dates back to the teenage years: he has been for nearly two years with the handball player Irina Neagu, the world champion in youth.

His second long-lasting relationship was with Anca Nicolae, a Playboy star. "I made love with him in the bathroom of a restaurant and it was wonderful", said Anca in an interview for Playboy.

After that, Mutu married Alexandra Dinu. Their marriage was over, and the former footballer has begun a series of conquests. They have 1 son, Mario.

Among the women who went through his bed are: Ioana Popescu, Laura Andresan, Diana Codreanu, Catrinel Menghia, Diana Munteanu, Cristina Cepraga, Lavinia Parva.

"The Briliant" also have been refused by Rocsana Marcu, but quickly recovered with a few outside stars: Blu Cantrell, Aida Yespica, Moran Atias and Martina Stella.

Then he returned to the romanian women: Monica Dascalu, Cristina Tintila and Alina Ghidarcea.

He married than Consuelo Matos (my favourite), and their marriage lasted for almost nine years, but it also ended. Mutu have 2 daughters with Consuelo, Adriana and Maya.

After that Mutu met Sandra Bachici and fell in love again, so she became his third wife with whom he is having a little boy.

Chapter 2: The Drugs

In 2004, the "The Sun" daily was the first publication to suggest that the substance with which Adrian Mutu was found positive when he was playing for Chelsea is cocaine. No official source wanted to disclose the name of the product found in the body of the Roman striker, claiming it should be kept secret at least until the official hearing of the player at the Football Federation.

"When you're sad, you only think you want to get rid of this feeling, you do not have time for others ... I just wanted not to feel what I felt and then I decided to take drugs." said Mutu in an interview.

On Thursday, January 28, 2010, a new doping scandal broke out in which Mutu is involved. He was found positively after an anti-doping test on January 10, 2010 after the game Fiorentina vs. Bari. This time he was positive with sibutramine.

Chapter 3: The fights

September 2006. Mutu was summoned in cantonment for the match with Bulgaria in the preliminaries for Euro 2008. In an exclusive restaurant on the seaside resort, Mutu aggresses a waiter. Everything would have gone from the waiter's request for a picture, after which everything escalated to injuries, then to physical aggressions. Mutu, who is the godson of Nicu Gheara, would have forced the waiter to come to his hotel room, where in the presence of several teammates he would have beaten the waiter with a crowbar wrapped in a towel.

October 2009. Again, scandal to the Romanian National Team. Thea team was preparing for a game with Serbia in Belgrade. Until the duel, however, motivation was lacking for Adi Mutu and Adrian Cristea. When they were in Mogosoaia just a few days before traveling, they decided to leave the camp. The two footballers spent time in two clubs until 3 am.

The episode does not end here. Immediately after Romania lost by 0-5 in Belgrade, Mutu left immediately, being accompanied by Ratko Buturovic, a controversial individual. The two embarked on a luxury car to Novi Sad, where they spent all the day before dawn. The famous Serbian interlop died in the summer of 2013.

October 2010. Mutu played at Fiorentina. On a Saturday morning, he beat an Albanian waiter in a Florence restaurant. The correction was so violent that the waiter had the nose broken and needed a few days of hospitalization.

2013. Ronald Zubar, a former colleague with Adrian Mutu at Ajaccio, confessed that during the time the Romanian played at the Corsican formation, "The Briliantul" got into a fight with the coach of the team at that time, nobody other than Fabrizio Ravanelli.

Chapter 4: Relationship with other players

Francesco Totti

In the summer of 2008 Mutu was very close to join AS Roma. At that time, one day, Totti called Mutu and said: ''Adri, I will take a pay cut of €1m a-year and give it to Fiorentina so we can form an attacking partnership together. Do you want to come?''

Mutu ultimately declined the offer because of the manager Cesare Prandelli who said that he would hand in his resignation if Mutu was sold.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Mutu and Zlatan were roommates at Juventus. Mutu was telling about Zlatan: “When we were teammates at Juventus, we used to sleep in the same room before games. One night, he woke up.“Ibra told me: Adi, wake up! I had a nightmare. I dreamed Ronaldo was better than me! “He only went back to sleep after I’d told him: No, Zlatan, no! You are the best in the world! Calm down!”

Alberto Gilardino

When Alberto Gilardino signed with Fiorentina, he said that he is delighted to play again with Adrian Mutu. "We are a strong and talented team. With Mutu I talked after signing the contract with Fiorentina when we were both on vacation, and we are very happy to meet again after Verona and Parma, I can not wait to play again next to Adrian. Me and Mutu are a great pair.''

Sebastian Frey

"Adrian is an important player for us, and I told him that when he will return, Fiorentina will start winning again. Mutu is extremely impatient to come back. Every time he plays, he succeeds to be decisive for the team and I'm sure he will give us a great help in trying to renew our series of successes.'' Frey said in the Italian press.

Cezare Prandelli

Asked by the journalists from La Stampa who is the most powerful player he ever coached, Prandelli replied: "Adrian Mutu!"

Mutu was present in the video of the song A-ROMA feat. SNOOP DOGG & ORRY JACKSON - Acrobat

Matteo Morandini wrote a book about Adrian Mutu: "Come nessuno. Adrian Mutu, la consacrazione di un fenomeno" (Like nobody. Adrian Mutu, the consecration of a phenomenon).

Mutu had a lot of problems, but man... what a life he had...

So tell me guys, which one of the women Mutu had do you like the most? My favourite is his second wife, Consuelo Matos, a very beautifull and stylish woman.

Thanks for reading!