It has been almost two weeks since my last Scorum post. If you happened to see my introduction post you might remember that I am a teacher. It was just the end of the first term and that means report card time. Report cards take a significant amount of time to prepare and that meant that I had to put my Scorum time on hold for a while. That was extremely difficult and to be honest, I should have done it a week earlier. All that being said, report cards are done and I am back in the Scorum groove!

Last week was the first week without NFL football in over 6 months and so in order to help get over the dark days of the winter abyss, I started a contest surrounding the English Premier League. I thought of it as a way to still keep "football" in our lives. I also hoped that it might inspire some new fans to the English Premier League and promote the amazing betting platform here, Bet Scorum.

The contest was to predict the results of this past week's games in the English Premier League. It was a crazy week with some very interesting results. The games this week were played on a short week meaning there was only a few days since the last set of fixtures. These games were also played right before many of these team had some very important game in the Champions League and the Europa League this week. It is easy to see how a team could have their sights on the bigger games ahead instead of the one right in front of them. It is always important to keep your eye on the prize.

There were 7 people that participated in the first EPL prediction challenge and the results were very close. The bonus point for selecting a draw correctly added an interesting element of strategy to the selections and you could see it in the picks that people made as they tried to figure out where they could grab an extra point here and there. The final results of the games for the week 26 fixtures were:

There were 31 total goals scored

There were only the two draws this week so there were not a lot of bonus points to go around and the big favourites were able to win when they were expected to win so that took away any chance of being successful with upset picks. This meant that picking those 50/50 games was the difference maker and @fraste was able to do that better than anyone else to take home the prize. He was able to select 6 of the straight-up winners and then pull off one of his draw selections to score 8 points. ! more than both @robbijg and @minimining. 25 SCR has been transferred to his account for his free bet.

The final standings were as follows:

  1. @fraste (8)
  2. @minimining (7)
  3. @robbijg (7)
  4. @barbadosso (6)
  5. @girolamomarotta (6)
  6. @mikey (5)
  7. @bigtom13 (3)

Thank you very much to everyone who participated. I look forward to seeing how @fraste dos with his free 25 SCR bet on BetScorum.