The portuguese team "Moreirense" got banned from first division for corruption.

They are accused of paying other team player's from the 2 division to spoil their team's in this casa "Naval" and "Santa Clara".

They got banned for 1 year from the competition for crimes that go back to the season 2011/2012 when they got their promotion to 1 division, accused with 4 crimes of active corruption.

The son of the president "Victor Magalhães" and the vice-presisent "Manuel Orlando" of Moreisense team got sentenced to suspended sentences, the suspetion doesn't have immediat cause the 1 divison have already played so they need to play until the end of the season.

In my opinion this isn't fair for the team who got affected and football should be always a fair where the best team win's, what is the point of watching a game when you know the other team is paid to lose intentionaly...