2014 Men's College Cup ended with a spectacular final between the Yale Bulldogs and the North Carolina Tar Heels. After a well fought match, both teams stranded at a 2-2 score. It all came down to penalties...

Yale's Hiederson started the penalty series off with a great shot totally surpassing North Carolina's goalkeeper Richards. Next up it was Jhonson taking a shot for North Carolina. He played the ball powerfully trough the middle of the goal, an amazing shot. But Yale's goalkeeper saved the point amazingly by taking the ball to the face.

Yale was looking to make the 2-0 lead, but mist it by a longshot, kicking the ball far above the left side of the goal. After this miserable shot it was Sterling who had to save the day again. 

Shaw took a moment and kicked the ball with an incredible speed at the goal, only to be saved by Scott Sterling for a second time. The amazing save was preformed by pushing the ball out with his countenance for a second time.

The third shot for Yale was pathetic, with a very slow ball almost rolling into Richards arms.

To everyones surprise Scott Sterling gathered his courage and went back on the field. He chose a rather unconventional way to defend the goal. Sterling laid himself on the lawn, covering his head whilst lying in foetus position.

Still the North Carolina player hit poor Scot's face again.

Another weak attempt by Yale made it easy for Richards to gently push the ball out of the goal.

North Carolina had the chance to equalize the score, Scott Sterling was severally hurt, he couldn't stand up anymore. Scott's teammates brought him a chair to sit on.

The only thing the North Carolina had to do is shoot anywhere but at Sterling. This plan obviously failed as a speedy ball hit Sterling in the face again.

Yale had the chance to end it here, this was the last goal that had to be made to save Scott from his suffering. Unfortunately for Sterling, the shot was to weak to ever score.

Sterling wanted it to end. The North Carolina shot a speedy ball towards the goal. Meanwhile Scott was crawling away, trying to evade the chance of a ball hitting him again. The quick ball hit the crossbar, ricocheting  straight towards Sterlings' face.

It were unforgettable penalties, Scott Sterling's face of steel saved the day!

Ps: this video and the article are a parody, none of this actually hapened

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