Today I will tell you a little about the badly called "Barras Bravas"(hooligans) in Latin America which in this continent have generated many controversies because they are called as violent, aggressive and anti popular but I come to show you the other side of this wonderful world.

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I've been part of a Barra Brava for 5 years and if I've seen violence but not as the media say, have been much more the joys it has given to a city and a community that damage, in addition that in Latin America has worked hard to remove violence from the courts doing social and musical work.

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In this world of Barras Bravas I invite you to approach them and feel the energy that can be felt on the court by cheering your team and shouting gool with your teammates and friends there is no better expression than that so I would like to show you the joy that can be experienced on the courts of the bars of Latin America.

I will show you some videos extracted from youtube in which you will be able to see the joy that is seen in the barras of South America

7 bravest barras in South America (1 for each country)

I will continue to post information on the South American barras if you would like a specific one please leave it in the comments.