Friends of scorum this is my first post for this social network and I want to tell you a little about what my publications are going to be about.

I am hooligans of a football team in Venezuela, if in Venezuela where we know that the sport of baseball predominates but also in recent years has grown much love for the sport king of football then I want to teach my experience from within the hobby and all this folklore.

hooligans of zulia-venezuela

The team that I follow is called ZULIA FUTBOL CLUB a team that still has not had much international arena in which his hobby has grown little by little and that I follow since 2013 I have 5 years as crazy encouraging this team and sincerely brought me many joys sadness and many feelings that I did not know.

I hope you like the post that I will be doing, I will try to be as constant as possible to know a little about what is bar, about this small team, videos and much more :-)

A goal hug would be appreciated your comments or recommendations to all