Any self-proclaimed Bayern Munich fans advocating for 'Robbéry' to be forced out of the club should be ashamed. For one, both Arjen Robben and Franck Ribéry (especially Robben) are still world class, so it's not as if they are hurting the club from a talent perspective. Both are monumental figures that continue to shine on and off the pitch and lead by example. Just as true Real Madrid supporters wanted Cristiano Ronaldo to retire as a Madridista, Bayern fans should want Robben and Ribéry to play their last ever matches at Bayern. Injury wise, Niko Kovač will do all he can to minimize the veteran's minutes, allowing for younger talent like Coman and Gnabry to keep developing, while simultaneously learning from two legend will soon be replaced as starters. For now, Robben and Ribery are still exceptional and deserving to remain in the starting xi. Bayern fans should not want Arjen, nor Franck out until they want out, unless they present a real conflict for the club. If club legends are still performing at higher levels than most, not stirring up chaos to deter team chemistry, and fully understanding of their roles at the latter stages of their careers, they should remain at the club and have the earned luxury to leave on their own terms. 

Both Arjen Robben and Franck Ribéry are currently on renewed 1 year contracts with Bayern Munich, with their futures uncertain for next season.

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