The former German national team captain did not believe they should have equal pay with the women. The former Chelsea midfielder said in an interview that I think Megan Rapinoe is talking for USA women's football., yes over there Women's football is doing more than their men. But over here in Europe the is a big difference between men and women football, so there's absolutely no way they can get equally pay. Look when the fans are back, women football is struggling even to fill a 20000 seats in the stadiums except if it's a World Cup , meanwhile men easily fill up the 60000 seats without any struggles. She should also understand that Football Clubs are not Government, where you can protest for a raise in Salary, even men themselves they don't get paid equally despite playing the same game, some gets huge salaries than their teammates. It's all down on which level you are on, but I would understand if she is talking about USA soccer not World football. She must start watching Uefa Champions League for men and women Uefa Champions League, she will get her answer why women are paid less. If Uefa can stage both Finals in the same day and same time, a Women Uefa Champions League Final and a Men Uefa Champions League Final, the Audience will focus on men, including women themselves would focus on men's final, it's about levels and about who brings a lot of money to the Club or to the competition. This is not like at home whereby a husband has to work hard, only to share his salary with a wife who did nothing . In football it does not work like that, you work for yourself, so they must start playing hard to bring attraction and sponsorship, they will then get paid more and smile if they do that. In netball I believe women bring more money than Men's netball, so is their salaries.