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My name is Chika Blossom Ekechi, Although you can call me, Cheekah Suave, the next BIG thing on your TV 😍😍🤩 and I am a Nigerian. I am also an Electronic Media Personality and a Football Pundit. You can check out my stuff on my YouTube channel

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THEY CALL ME @cheekahsuave and that's because of my confidence, my charm and how svelte I look. I try!

My desire is to make the world better place in my own way. I used to play for football team back then when I was younger. And people loved my style of play because I had what we called today, "crazy legwork". I wore the Number 17 Jersey and was nicknamed Luis Nani because of how I dazzled defenders and assisted strikers with goalscoring.

I love football a great deal; hence a die hard fan of Manchester United FC. My Dad was an Arsenal supporter before his demise and all my sisters love Cristiano Ronaldo. They don't have Football teams that they support. Lol! Anywhere Cristiano goes, they follow. I think it is because, just like me, he looks handsome and of course he's got the money. I don't have the latter yet. Lmao! And that's why I'm here - on Scorum

My late dad always forced us to eat before any of the football matches of our favorite teams kick off, just so we don't suffer from heartbreaks peradventure our team lost.

During weekends, if we are not watching football at home. My dad would rather take me to one of those registered game houses to get my butt handed to me. He was so good with the Play Station 2.

How I Joined Scorum

I joined Scorum today, massive thanks to the one and only @Tosyne2much for introducing this excellent platform to me.

At first, I had my doubts about the platform but after I joined, i have come to realize that it's a social platform that could afford me a whole lot and I am positive that the members will welcome me with open arms and equally be excited to having me here also.

I wanna say Thank you to @scorum, @scorumafrica, @scorumnigeria, @scorumcommunity and the entire bloggers on scorum.