Hello friends, how are you? Best wishes for your health...Don't forget health is so important:)

There will be two big matches in Serie A next weekend.

First big match is between AS Roma and Napoli and another is between Torino and Juventus...You can reach my another contest (AS Roma and Napoli) here.

But today we will have derby contest about Torino and Juventus match. Because the reward will be more then usual contests...The reward is 25 SCR for this match :)

ITALY: Serie A - Round 11 (Don't forget ! Round 10 is begin at this mid-week)

Torino vs Juventus

Date: 02nd Nov 2019

Kick-off: 19.45

Venue: Stadio Olimpico di Torino (Turin)

How can you join?

Comment winner name with the score!

Example: Torino 2 - 2 Juventus


  1. I will % 80 - %100 upvote all participans.
  2. If you are right you will get a reward - 15 SCR and 1 x 100% Upvote to your another post.

Enjoy and keep in touch :)

Make your friends to join my contest please:)