Some players are just as controversial as they are talented, I guess that's a price to pay to have them in your team,don't believe me (just ask Liverpool about Suarez), some of these player's really, can't stay out of the headlines, from one controversial issue to another, while some were probably just having a bad day or were unlucky, but some really have guts you know (just ask Karim benzema) still don't believe me, then just ask (Patrice Evra or his superhero Eric cantons), without further ado,let's delve into the list of the 5 most infamous player bans

5. Luis Suarez : He's a potential guard dog you know, really wastes no time in tearing into his enemy's skin you,its a shame he hasn't retired yet, if not I'm sure Raheem sterling knows what he'll be getting, alright scratch that, but point is Suarez definitely has an innate dog in him, or how else do we explain a professional footballer biting his opponents on three different occasions

Suarez first showed the world his predatory abilities at Ajax,but however it wasn't only about scoring goals, in December 2010, he was banned for 7 games for biting a PSV Eindhoven player in a league game for the dutch club, that didn't deter Liverpool from signing him the following year and he went on to repeat it at the club in 2013, biting Chelsea's branislav Ivanovic on the arm, he was banned for 10 games

However he's most infamous incident came at the world cup,where he bit Italy defender Giorgio chiellini on the arm, and that was the last straw for football authorities, he was banned this time around for 4 months

4. Karim benzema

This is the only off field incident to make the list, but its definitely worth mentioning

In October 2015, Karim benzema was accused of being involved in a blackmail scandal with international teammate, Mathieu valbuena over a sex tape video, benzema was subsequently suspended from the national team until he was proven guilty or not guilty, so in other words, this was an indefinite ban that is spanning up to three years, as a result benzema has missed two tournaments for led blues, the Euro 2016 in his home country and the 2018 world cup in Russia

3. Eric Cantona

He was known as a silky winger, highly talented, but well, also highly dangerous too, in 1997 the Frenchman while playing a game for Manchester united,apparently performed s kung fu kick on s crystal palace fans face, for racially abusing him, he was suspended for 7 months as a result of this, some guts you know

2. Patrice Evra

Just like his aforementioned French counterpart, Patrice Evra got on the wrong side of the boot, when he performed a karate kick at one Marseille club fan prior to kick off before an europa league game,his team had against Vittoria guamerese for apparently insulting him, consequently he was banned from taking part in the game, banned from all European football activities by uefa for 7 months, his contract at Marseille was terminated and he was fined a further £10,000, yeah that was a hard one

  1.  Diego Maradona

He's probably the greatest player ever to have graced the football pitch, but one little lesser known fact was that, he was actually the greatest doping athlete to come out of his generation, maybe it's a bit of an exxageration, but Maradona had no scruples when it came to taking substances

In 1991, he was banned for 15 months after testing positive for cocaine, but he's most infamous incident came in 1994, prior to the world cup, he tested positive for cephridine and was banned for another 15 months,in 1997, he failed yet another test, but this time around decided to hand his boots

Well, you've seen my list, is there any one you feel should be here and isn't, if there is let me know in the comment box