This season, in Europe across its major league's, 5 teams are currently unbeaten, but only one has a 100% percent winning record and only one remains unbeaten in all competitions

PSG, boast an unrivalled winning record, this season, Juventus are looking more solid than they've ever been, in any of their previous title triumphs, Borussia Dortmund are making an early stake for the bundesliga title, they've been scoring goals for fun, and are currently unbeaten, bayern munich surprisingly have contributed to that feat,Manchester city have continued their swashbuckling football this season, and only look to be getting stronger, liverpool are not too far behind, and can at least match their rivals unbeaten record, and then there is Chelsea, the only unbeaten team in all competitions this season across europe

It will be quite a feat if all of these teams actually go through the season unbeaten, but that's a feat highly unlikely to be happening, but football is unscripted so anything, and absolutely everything can happen, but before we fantasize about such let's, delve in a bit into how Europe's unbeaten teams are faring

Paris Saint Germain

PSG, could not have asked for a better start to the defence of their league crown, 13 wins out of 13, and this has been with a flurry of goals, taking out rival teams, like Lyon, Marseille and Monaco all in the process, if you ever thought PSG won the ligue 1 titles win ease, then this should be seeming like a stroll in the park for you, only that PSG, aren't actually strolling, they are sprinting, so it's hard to imagine the title ever leaving the PARC de Princes stadium

While that should, be a pass from you, we definitely are no strangers to seeing this sort of run, thwarted by the least of all, so we shouldn't be fazed by this, but if you support any of PSG's rival clubs, don't really know if you can call them that anymore, you should however be very worried.

Juventus football Club

It will be fair to say the only club capable of stopping juventus, is actually juventus

Yeah, the title as it has been for years now, is their's to loose, and they definitely won't be considering that option, the only difference is that this year, they look even more stronger, especially with the acquisition of Christiano Ronaldo

The only blemish in their season so far, is a 1-1 draw with Genoa, they've taken maximum points from all other games, including against, rivals Napoli and Ac milan

Juventus may shift, more focus to the champions league, this season as it's pretty clear, its a top priority, but they have enough depth in their squad, to succeed on all fronts, but it will be important however to guard against complacency.

Borussia Dortmund

This could be the season, Dortmund finally wrestle the bundesliga title away from Bayern Munich, and with the form their in at the moment, it's pretty easy to see why, they currently lead the pack in the league, and have been blowing teams away, thanks to the exciting attacking talents, of Christian pulisic, Marco reus, jadon Sancho and paco alcacer, who've more unless been Dortmund major catalysts this season

But however the major drawback for them, this season could be their defence, it's fragility should be a real worry for the team, but as long as they keep doing the business upfront, it could easily be less of a worry, but in order to sustain a worthwhile title challenge, they would need to rethink that

Manchester city

They are incredible to watch, frightening to play against and are dangerously ruthless, truth is among Europe's top 5 league's, there isn't a football team quite as impressive as Manchester city, they've taken football to another level in England,

There maybe three unbeaten teams in the premier league this season, but the blue side of Manchester are undoubtedly the team to beat

Tutored, by the brilliant mastermind of pep guardiola, there can't possibly be a more brilliant team than Manchester city in England

But England however is full of brilliant teams, and they actually can outsmart each other, so while Manchester city are as good as it gets, they however know, they are not alone in this race, and with things looking tight on the table, every point, every goal, every save would be very crucial to every team


Liverpool are quite lucky, to still be unbeaten in the league this season, having come very close to loosing, against Chelsea and Manchester city, but that's not to say they haven't merited it at least, having shown strength and character in those games, but still if they want to end up champions this season, and avoid defeats, they would have to draw the blood first, than reacting after they've been almost sucked dry

Talent is definitely something they don't lack and have strengthened further this season, buy they will have to tailor it, however to suit their ambitions


Chelsea might be unbeaten, but things don't look as rosy as they appear on the table, truth is Chelsea have actually be found wanting, in some games this season, and were lucky to get a point against Manchester united last month, they also had to contend a quite troubling Everton side, before the international break

That could however be down to the fact that, the club are still getting acquainted with their manager's famed and rather confusing "sarri ball" tactics

Chelsea seem to be over reliant on the influential abilities of talisman eden hazard and have often looked to him, for inspiration to win games, so basically once hazard is contained, that's half the job done for the opposing team, this should be seen as a negative in the sense that, the sarri ball tactics, favors the Belgian more, while their other attackers like willian, Pedro and giroud seem to be struggling with it, an approach that equally suits all of them could go a long way in helping Chelsea's season, after all Chelsea have other talented players as well

Things seem to be shaping up pretty fast across Europe's major league's, could a classic season be on the cards here