This is a very interesting point and an important one at that. It is no longer news about Chelsea’s acquisition of Christian Pulisic from Dortmund during the season, according to some section of the fans, it is a fantastic buy while to some, he might not suit the physical nature of the premier league. The acquisition of Pulisic has brought a lot of comparison and talking points with Husdon Odoi, a Chelsea academy product who has developed into becoming one of the fans favorites, on who is better and who will play on the right especially if Hazard decides to stay. According to some of the Chelsea fans, Odoi needs to be given more time on the pitch to prove his immense potential and qualities, while some believe Pulisic has already proven himself and has more game time experience to play more often for this Chelsea team.

I wouldn’t blame the fans for having different opinions about the two talented young players who have the ability to become one of the best players in the world.

Before delving into the reasons why both players have a good shout for taking the right wing, let’s briefly talk about the individual players, their abilities and what they can bring to the table for next season…

Christian Pulisic

A very young player from Dortmund, who has grown a lot in his career and has developed into becoming an experienced player as a young player. As a player, he has some really good qualities that can add a lot to this Chelsea team. Some of his key qualities is his ability on the ball, dribbling, crossing ability, vision, eye for goal, a natural right winger and the ability to play as a number 10 as well. These qualities make him a very strong candidate for the right wing spot. Over the past few years, this Chelsea team has lacked a player who is a real threat down the right-hand side, to take away some burden and responsibility off Hazard who carries the team most of the time, and also a player with some really good crossing ability to provide crosses to the strikers.

Hudson Odoi

A very young player from the Chelsea academy, a player who has grown to become one of the most exciting players at the club and one of the fans favorites. As a player, Odoi possesses some really amazing talents which proved why the fans had been crying out for him to be included in the team. he has already shown what he can bring to this Chelsea team and his abilities on the ball, there is no doubt that he can improve more into becoming one of the best young players in the world.

Who should take the right wing spot?

This is an interesting question concerning both talents, but a very difficult one to answer. Both players possess some really good qualities on the ball and can undoubtedly bring a lot to this Chelsea team, no matter which one of them plays. Let’s briefly look at their similarities and also their differences and how they can both help the team to achieve success…

Crossing ability

Both players are fantastic crossers of the ball and we can already tell that these two players know their onions when it comes to putting the ball into the box for the strikers to feed on. This means that the strikers will love to play with any of the options.

Dribbling ability

Both players have very good dribbling abilities and can easily beat their marker in 1v1 situations, making them a nightmare for fullbacks during attacking moments. Depending on the chosen option, the right-hand side will always be a threat to the opposition which is really positive for the team.


They are both creative players that can create something out of nothing for the team. Having any of the options on the pitch means that most of the creative burden will be lifted off Hazard who has been doing most of the creative works all by himself.

Eye for goal

Both players have a pretty good eye for goal and can put the ball in the back of the net when there is an opportunity.

Even though both players possess some pretty similar qualities for the right wing spot, they are both very different types of players who love to play in different ways, which means that they both will bring different flavors to the right wing spot. Chelsea are now in the champions league for next season, which means that they will be lots of games to play. Having these two players who can bring a lot of qualities to the right-hand side is a positive thing not only for the manager but for the tea, in general.

For me, I think both players will have a fair amount of game time and will both be utilized in different situations. For Pulisic, he obviously has more champions league experience than Odoi, making him a more suitable option for most of the champions league matches. They both have very good qualities on the ball and has all it takes to give the manager a positive headache when it comes to deciding who to include into the starting 11.

And that is a wrap...

Who do you think should be the preferred option for the right wing spot for Chelsea?

I would love to read your own opinions… Enjoy your day.