Wolves, the team that has risen and caught the eyes of many this season, due to their performances this season, mostly against the big teams and has most times been considered as the big teams' nemesis. According to many football lovers who have praised them for their great effort, they are considered a well-drilled team and a team that has paid serious obedience to the manager’s tactical requirements and demands.

At the start of the season, not many expected to see Wolves at the position they are in at the moment but have surprised a lot with their quality and great tactical performances that have seen them in 7th position on the table. With lots of talking points going on whether they are the best performing premier league team aside from the top 2 and based on available resources.

The shocker came at the early stage of the season after they got a positive result against Man City who were on fire at that point in time, and from then, Wolves have gone on to take a good amount of points against the top sides this season.

What Has Made Wolves to Be Able to Gain Valuable Points Against the Top Sides This Season?

For Wolves, there are few major reasons why they have been able to constantly be torn in the flesh for the big teams this season.

Tactical discipline

When it comes to tactical discipline, I believe Wolves are leading the race. They have effectively executed the tactical game plans of the manager and have been able to reap the rewards.

Defensive organization and solidity

They are one of the strongest teams in the premier league when it comes to being solid at the back and defending based on tactical reasons. We have seen countless times how good their defensive organization is mostly against the big teams.


This has also been a very important factor in their top performances, as they always believe that they can do it even when they are on the back foot, that they will always get an opportunity to capitalize on. Their home and away performances against Chelsea are typical examples.

How They’ve Been Able to Get Positive Results Against the Top Teams

The good old counter-attacking football

This has been the go-to tactics of Nuno against the big teams, he has been able to get it right most of the times this season. The team has been able to effectively execute the counter-attacking game plan in most of their games against the big sides so far. Most of the way they have gotten positive results was to sit back and defend very deep and compact, not allowing the opponent any spaces in behind to exploit, and then patiently waiting for counter-attacking opportunities to capitalize on and take their chances.

This style of football has worked for them and has proved very effective especially against teams with better players man for man.

The Big Teams’ Nemesis

They have become the nemesis for the top teams in the premier league this season. They have gotten a result in most of their games against the big teams and big teams have found it really difficult to play against Wolves. This has been the major reason as to why they are currently in 7th place and are in a very good position to finish just outside the top 6 this season.

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