This is an interesting talking point that has surfaced recently concerning the Ballon d’or and the premier league player with the most chance of winning the players ultimate personal award. As we all know, the premier league hasn’t found their feet when it comes to players winning the Ballon d’or and it has been a little over 11 years since the last time a premier league player won the award, Cristiano Ronaldo was the last premier league player to win the award during his time at Manchester United. The La Liga has dominated the Ballon d’ or award winners section ever since, with Barcelona Messi and Real Madrid Cristiano as the players who have dominated the award since the last time a premier league player (Cristiano Ronaldo) won it back in 2008.

A lot of talking points have been going on whether a premier league player can win the Ballon d'Or in this era of Messi and Ronaldo, but the serial dominance between the two players considered the greatest players to play the game, has suppressed the thoughts when it comes to premier league players winning the Ballon d’or award.

The just completed 2018/2019 season has seen the rise of quite a few players in the premier league and their performances have raised a few questions whether this year might be the year for a premier league player to finally win the Ballon d’or. According to some of the fans, only 5 players from the premier league could end up on the podium this year…

Virgil van Dijk

He has been a revelation for the Reds ever since he joined the club from Southampton and going on to become not only the best player in the Liverpool team but also a great defense marshal for them as well. His performances have not only caught the eyes of many but have seen him clinch some personal awards for his world-class performances last season, helping Liverpool finish second in the league with just a point difference from winning the premier league title and clinching the champions league trophy to cap their fabulous season in style.

Eden Hazard

It is no longer news concerning Eden Hazard’s departure from Chelsea to his childhood dream club Real Madrid a few months ago. However, his performances for Chelsea in just completed 2018/2019 season will be used as a determining factor. He was undoubtedly Chelsea’s best player last season and arguably the best player in the premier league, helping the blues secure 3rd in the premier league and winning their second Europa League trophy which was heavily down to Hazard’s individual brilliance. His performances last season under Sarri had seen him outscore his previous goal tally for Chelsea and number of assists as well, making him also a huge candidate for the Ballon d’or this year and could positively influence his position on the ranking.

Sadio Mane

He is probably one of the strong favorites to win the award if it coming to the premier league this year. He has been tremendous for Liverpool since he joined the club, causing havoc down the left-hand side with his high energy and amazing qualities on the ball. This past season has been fantastic for the Senegalese, helping Liverpool alongside his fellow team mate Virgil van Dijk to win the club most prestigious trophy. His immense contribution to Liverpool's successful season saw him nominated for the PFA Players’ Player of the Year award and also was named in the PFA Team of the Year and was also. With all these and outcome from his African Cup of Nations campaign which is still on going for him, could greatly influence his position in the ranking.

Mohamed Salah

If the Ballon d’ or award in coming to the premier league, then Liverpool have the most chances of one of their players not only making it in the top 3 positions but also stand a great chance of pulling off the number 1 spot. Salah has been one of Liverpool’s best performers since he joined the club 2 seasons ago. Last season was a standout season for the Egyptian in terms of personal achievements, scoring an incredible amount of goals that saw the Reds reach the champions league final after a long time. This season on the other hand, has been great for Salah in terms of overall achievement as a player, winning the champions league for the first time in his career and helping the team compete for the title up till the final premier league game of the season. His overall contribution to Liverpool last season could influence his ranking on the Ballon d’or players’ hierarchy. However, his African Cup of Nation exit could be a negative factor, but all hope is not lost for the Egyptian as he still has a chance to make a reputable ranking.

Raheem Sterling

Sterling has been one of the young English talents that caught the eyes of many since joining Man City. Last season was no different as he emerged as one of the best players in the Premier League, collecting quite a number of personal awards for his major contribution to Man City’s domestic dominance, helping the team make history by winning the domestic treble. However, Man City’s failure to win any European trophy could be a drawback factor for the English man, but nevertheless, his immense performances and goal contributions for Man City could shoot him up the Ballon d’ or ranking and could possibly put him in a position to become one of the premier league players to make it into the Ballon d’ or top 3 this year.

Which premier league player has the highest chance of ending up in the Ballon d’or top 3 this year.

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