Top pundit Jamie Carragher's return to Sky Sports for the start of the Premier League season comes after his sessions with renowned psychiatrist Steve Peters, as the Daily Mail reports.

Sky said in their statement that Carragher, who was suspended last March for spitting in the direction of a 14-year-old girl in a car, is making a comeback — revealed by Sports Agenda — after he took 'appropriate steps to make sure that the (road rage) incident will not be repeated'.

This is understood to refer to Carragher's consultations with Peters, who worked with Liverpool during the defender's last two seasons at Anfield.

This is amazing how life has changed for the ex-defender since the notorious incident. He was chased by a fan in a car and provoked. After having lost his temper, he spat at the driver and his daughter. Those two filmed the incident, and it is clear they are not angles as well. Still, as a public person one has to be really keen on keeping calm, which Carragher obviously failed.

This is amazing, as during his career he should have been provoked many times, but managed to keep his temper. And now he lost his temper in a situation far more relaxed than a football match.

Anyway, hopefully Jamie will be alright after this treatment.