These posts contain previews on matches from the Belgian League with some on my personal bets, live-betting angles, Team Form, Injuries and Team News...

An early kick-off in Turkey today.

Fenerbahce vs Anderlecht

Lot's of uncertainty for Anderlecht with Trebel, Kums Makarenko and Dimata all questionable. They still are far from being a team that dominates and plays in a convincing way in the league. This is pretty much a must wil game for the visitors. Anderlecht tends to really drop their level when trebel is out of the team and the official line-up will be key. They also tend to have a hard time keeping a clean sheet. Fenervahce are in a bad streak in 14th place in the league without a win in their last 5 matches. All my betting action will be live in this match. No Pre-Game Bets

Racing Genk vs Besiktas

Genk have heen highly underrated for a while which was clearly shown in round 3 where they played an exellent match taking the deserved away win in Besiktas. They did not give the best impression last weekend having played many matches in a short time. They now had a 4 day break to prepare for this match. If anything, Besiktas underestimated this Genk in their home match and should be much more aware right now. Current pre-game lines don't really tempt me in any way.

Krasnodar vs Standard

I covered Standard On tuesday taking an early bet on Krasnodar -0.75 @ 2.00 with a bit extra on Krasnodar -0.5 @ 1.81 in BTC. (-0.75 line is currently trading at 1.757 odds on Pinnacle) The difference in quality during the 3th round match in Standard was huge and the 2-1 Standaard win was a complete hold-up. Standard has not been able to reach the level from the match against Club Brugge. Good spot to try the home team in a match like this.

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