These posts contain previews on matches from the Belgian Cup with some on my personal bets, live-betting angles, Team Form, Injuries and Team News.

The 2nd legs of the cup semi finals are being played during the midweek and we will know who will be the finalists this year Wednesday evening.I'm currently still very cautious when it comes down to taking actual pre-game bets and have most focus on getting money in live after getting the needed confirmation.

Union vs KV Mechelen

Union played a great away match last week against KV Mechelen and were overall the better team as underdogs despite playing an entire half with 10 players after getting a red card. The match ended in a 0-0 draw and leaves for an interesting 2nd leg match. Mechelen currently is somewhat out of their best form. They want to win the 2nd period in the 2nd division after winning the first so they are sure to promote to the first division and also want to play the cup final. The important match played last weekend against their direct opponent in the league Beerschot ended in another 0-0 draw with sore red cards. Mechelen is clearly getting nervous. Union is out of the promotion race in 2nd division and has full focus on the cup. The coach left some players on the bench and they lost 2-0 away against Westerlo likely because of the lack in priority on that match. Since the away goals count double it might be tricky for Union to attack from the get-go. If I would have to take something in this match it would be the home team underdog with the handicap because of the rather poor form and conflicting priorities of the visitors. 1 goal would break this match wide open but it might take a while before it comes. As long as it stays 0-0 it means extra time. The fear of getting a goal against might win out from the will to take risks. These situations tend to create good betting opportunities right after the first goal is scored since the total 2.25 line is pretty much set on a likely 0-0. I will be watching this match live and fully cover it including the live bets I end up taking in the SBC Discord live-betting channel.

Late info might change my view on what is written in these previews. I am using Sportmarket Pro for my pre-game and Live Betting positions. They are a European Betting Broker who always offer the best odds with 1 click on their platform from different bookmakers that don't limit winning players.

Correct Score Contest

Predict the correct score in the Union vs Kv Mechelen match in the comments. A ~20% upvote will be split between the ones that got it right..