Soccer Is the most energetic sport ever, watching it on tv or in the stadium gives  you a lot emotions,  definitely one of the best experiences of the life. 

There is nothing like it. Energy of the crowd. There is a deep passion for teams that in many stadiums from generations to generations. Grandpas have taught their kids and grandkids chants and cheers.This passion can make people laugh or cry. Emotions are very obvious. The sound at a great match lifts outside of the stadium and can be heard for miles. I have been to matches with my family  where I spent a wonderful time watching it  with the fabulous energy of the crowd. I have a son (two years old) that loves soccer since the day 1, even him with his young age enjoy it a lot,  every time we go. I often say to people that seeing a top match at a major stadium somewhere in the world should be on everyone's bucket list.

In the other hand, when you watch  the game at home, you don't feel the energy of the people around you as your team struggles. I can say in all honesty that the people in the stadium struggle with the players during a Sounders game. When the Sounders get scored upon, the stadium actually takes on a defeated air.

For us, is a tradition to go to the  stadium the more we can, the emotions and the energy is unique but what is priceless is to see our son smile while he enjoys watching this amazing sport.

A Sunday at the studium