In hindsight, the decision not to take Vidal was a holy hand for Inter. The Chilean, at the edge of the project, was fine with a disproportionate amount (800 thousand euros) for a fight that took place in the nightclub (Crown's Club) at the time of Bayern Munich. It was September 16, 2017 and Vidal, blatantly tipsy, were among the protagonists of a furious fight with high clients and bodyguards. All irrefutable and documented by the cameras.

The Chilean risked even 10 years in prison because the brawl in the disco was not just a fist fight between friends. Vidal has beaten two men in the head, threw a bottle of vodka on them and seriously risked risking their lives. The judge opted for a fine of 800 thousand euros for injuries payable in 10 installments of 100 thousand euros each. Even his brother Sandrino was fined for 18 thousand euros.

The Vidal brothers now have 15 days to challenge the sentence and make an appeal. At the moment the hypothesis seem distant because the video of the brawl is the testimony that Vidal has lost his head and the consequences could be much more serious. The most probable hypothesis is therefore that the Chilean pay the fine and waive the appeal.