Here are the top 11 of the last round of Serie A.

SEPE - A match where he was almost invisible but his intervention in the final is as prodigious as decisive in a match that if lost would open up nefarious horizons for the ducal formation. We were in doubt between him and Sirigu, it was a difficult choice.

MANCINI - Total match his. In defense he does what he has to do, that is punctual in coverage and doubling and very diligent tactically. Then he puts even more of his scoring the goal of the provisional tie that actually gives way to the comeback of the Goddess. Second goal in a row for him in the league. Prodigious.

ROMAGNOLI - He is the heart and soul of this rediscovered Milan. In defense it is always careful and punctual. Then in the final, as happened against Genoa, he signed the victory goal. A goal wanted, tried and found seen the ball recovered on the trocar and that shot of desperation all hearts and desire to win.

KOULIBALY - Game (almost) perfect given the smudging in the Empoli goal. For the rest, giant as it does now and always does not matter the opponent. Of course there will be Cavani Tuesday, Mbappe, Di Maria and Neymar and then it will be another story (maybe). But the African giant has shown that he has no kind of awe.

FLORENZI - Suffers and struggles against an ever-pungent Church. His is a race of both sacrifice, defense, and proposition, in attack. And here in the final room the evening with a fundamental goal and deserved. To avercene players, ductile, leathery and talented like him.

JOAO MARIO - The mysteries of football: arrived with great fanfare two years ago he failed at first impact with Serie A. Shipped in the Premier is back to the lights and off the Spalletti project that has also left out of the Champions list. Then after almost three months as invisible, first against Lazio and then Saturday against Genoa showing off three assists and a goal and taking the best prize in the field.

GAGLIARDINI - Inter-Genoa was also the relaunch of the former Atalanta who closed the field with Brozovic at the start of the season. But Saturday showed us all his repertoire made of running and excellent insertions. A brace that raises him in the Nerazzurri hierarchy.

CATALDI - Fifty presence in A for the boy from Lazio. A match of heart, substance and quality. Protagonist in the first goal of Immobile then marks the 3-1 network that finally closes the race. Important performance for her self-esteem that was ultimately failing.

MERTENS - Evening to remember for the Belgian. Not only because with his hat-trick Napoli overcomes an obstacle that was not as simple as Empoli was but because his goals allowed him to overtake Careca in Napoli's all-time scorer and to become the best Belgian gunner in the history of the Serie A surpassing the legendary Lulu Oliveira.

PROPERTY - Sling a shotgun becomes the key man of the match against Spal. With his 8th goal he leads to the second place in the classification of the top scorers of Serie A. What is a message for the coach of the National team?

BELOTTI - His was a decidedly opaque start to the season. Yesterday's performance reminded the Gallo of the best times, not only for the double but also for the desire that he put in the field. A swallow, however, does not spring and to sanction its official rebirth we still await some matches.

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