Fernando Hierro

Spanish National team almost doesn’t sleep, 24 hours seem insufficient for all work

He arrived at Krasnodar in a suit and tie, however now he wears a green tracksuit with boots. And he does it as the main coach of the national team. “I keep calm. I can look in the anyone’s eyes. And nobody can tell me something. I know this is not my place, and I wasn’t hired by my CV as a coach. The circumstances have pushed me but when the National Team needs you it’s impossible to reject”. This is Fernando Hierro, and he feels quite relaxed.

Professional reaction

"It was a mature reaction regarding the events we faced. The group is professional, and they proved it. The adaption to a new situation was normal, very natural. The team is ready, and I’ve inherited it ready for the World Cup. This is the team of the author. We don’t want to talk about the past. Julen is my close friend, and nothing will change in our relations".

Taste of good football

Fernando Hierro is not going to change the game manner in the World Cup. "Asking this team to play directly would sacrifice them. We have a single style, and we won’t reject it. For many years, Spain didn’t have its single personality, so now when we have it we will follow it to the end. I like my teams playing well, having their personality with the ball".

"This is the national team created by the author, we have our own style, and we won’t change it"

Fernando Hierro, coach of the Spanish National Team


The coach recognizes that the team was very well prepared.

"We are working using the fruits of work that has been done during the last year. Then, if we score goals, don’t say “Hierro’s lab has worked” as the lab was already created".

Look in the eyes

Calm awareness before, now and in the end of the World Cup. "I know I am here not for my coach CV. The first three days I couldn’t sleep, I hadn’t enough hours to watch more and more videos. I arrived at Krasnodar in a suit and tie, and now I wear a tracksuit. I haven’t thought about Lopetegui substitution although I was the sport director. The only thing I can say is that I can look in the eyes to anyone". Obviously, his main desire is to reach the end of this adventure. “I just want us to look in the eyes of each other and feel proud of the things we did when we go home”.

Trust as argument

"I have to take my responsibility as a coach. Since now, whatever happens during the championship, it will be my responsibility. I won’t invent excuses. The relations I have with my players are based on trust. The dressing room of the team is the reflection of the society. Earlier, we turned on the music, and the coach was angry. Now, if you go to the bus without music it means something awful happened".

In De Gea we trust

The coach says he appreciates David de Gea: "We trust in David. He needs our trust, and my decision is to be as honest as possible. We are more interested in the natural character of the things that occur. He needs oxygen. You know, sometimes your body requires to act quickly but sometimes it needs a pause".

Ideal captain

Hierro has underlined the role of Sergio Ramos: "He has the character, personality, values, he is wholesome… He always comes and provides the support as well as the rest of the experienced players of this team such as Busquets, Iniesta, Piqué or Reina. They have no fears".

Source: LA MARCA