I want to share with everybody two funny video as an entry to the great Happy Moan day contest hosted by our friend @pete.

last week the match of the fifth day of the UEFA Champions League between AS Roma and Real Madrid took place in the capital of Italy. In the game there were actions worthy of showing in this article for the Happy Moan day and they can laugh a little. Although the fans and players of the Rome will not be very funny.

You can judge what counts the luck and the success in the sport in these videos.

In this video we see the mistakes that are made in a football game and how easy it is to make mistakes in delicate moments. Both teams arrived with a bad run of results and in many occasions the luck can be a differentiating factor when changing the dynamics.

The play begins with an error by Carvajal in his own area, which leaves Roma in a position to create a lot of danger, and this is how the ball reaches the Turkish U tunder just 50 centimeters from the Courtois goal with everything in favor of scoring the first goal of the game and take advantage in the score just before the time of rest. It is inexplicable to send the ball over the crossbar when the easiest thing was to score a goal, no wonder that the player looks silly.

At the end of the first half the score was 0-0, AS Roma had made merits to be winning the game, but did not know how to finish the plays with success, sometimes Courtois, sometimes bad luck, prevented the goal. But the irruption of mHieteorological factors was missing to close the circle.

The Roman team went to the turf to revive the game with the thought on the last minute lost occasion of the first part and came out totally drowsy and Real Madrid began pressing the rival, the home team was forced to give the ball to their goalkeeper and it cleared and then the wind made an appearance to sentence the bad luck of Rome. Fazio is surprised by the force of the wind and wants to rectify, but instead of helping his team, he gives the ball to Bale to score a goal at will. The play was very similar to the previous one, but it had a happy ending for the whites and totally unfortunate for the Romans.

The match ended with 0-2 on the scoreboard and will be remembered for the misfortunes of AS ROMA.

I want to encourage for the Roma players and be affectionate with Under and Fazio, they wanted to help their team win the game. I saw the team very well in the first part and if all the players try hard they will manage to straighten the course.

I hope you like it and have fun with my point of view on the play and I want to wish good luck to the rest of the participants in this fun contest.