When I saw the publication of our friend @dexpartacus, I knew that it would be very difficult for me to choose a team of only eleven players. I've been spinning my head for a few days to make the best football team I've ever been able to enjoy. I've seen thousands of games and hundreds of good players since the Italia'90 World Cup, that event is my first football memories, although at the age of 8 I still did not understand much but I really enjoyed it.

This is my entry for the contest. If you want to participate, build your team here.

On the bench:







BUFFON: A true wall, the safest goalkeeper I've seen and great dominator of the balls hanging in the area.

ROBERTO CARLOS: His left leg showed power and quality. Undoubtedly the best left back in history.

SAMMER: He is one of the few defenders with a golden ball.

CAFÚ: The Brazilian magic at the service of the right wing, a physical marvel and with extreme quality.

INIESTA: An idol for all the Spaniards, the South African World Cup bears his name. An incredible player who is impossible to snatch the ball.

ZIDANE: The elegance transformed into a footballer.

MARADONA: Perhaps the most technical player in history.

CRISTIANO RONALDO: A goal-making machine with an indescribable competitive gene.

MESSI: The best modern soccer player, he does what he wants when he wants.

RAÚL: An 8 in all aspects of the game. As a follower of Real Madrid MY IDOL.

VAN BASTEN: The best auctioneer I've seen.

I think I have been consistent in my selections, I have chosen incredible players and with a successful career although I would have liked to have more players in my team because it seemed inexplicable to leave players outside like:

GOALKEEPERS: Van der Sar - Casillas

DEFENSES: Puyol - Baressi - Ramos - Thuram

MIDFIELDERS: Redondo - Hagi - Xavi - Savicevic - Boban - Figo

FORWARDS: Suker - Hugo Sánchez - Ronaldinho - Batistuta - Weah

I hope you like my dream team.

Good luck to all the participants and remember