Since the match started, Messi got marked by N'Golo Kante so he had a hard time to get a ball.

11 mins, Kylian Mbappe solo run into Argentina area got stopped by Marcos Rojo inside penalty area, but it looks like a fault and France got a penalty. Antoine Griezmann executed the penalty to the lower left side of Argentina net and 1-0 for France.

41 mins, Angel Di Maria was alone just outside of France penalty area. He sent a long shot to France net and goal. 1-1 for Argentina. 

48 mins, Argentina got a free kick on the left outside of France penalty area. Messi got a ball and shot to the left side of France net, but the ball touch Gabriel Mercado foot and the ball went into the right side of the France net, 2-1 for Argentina.

57 mins, Lucas Hernandez from the left side outside of Argentina penalty area gave a long pass to the center, the ball loose and Benjamin Pavard shot to the left side of Argentina net, goal for France. 2-2 for France.

64 mins, a cross by Hernandez to Argentina penalty area, Matuidi shot but got blocked by Argentina defenders, ball loose and Mbappe shot the ball to Argentina net, 3-2 for France.

68 mins, Matuidi from the center field gave a short pass to Giroud, Giroud sent a short pass to Mbappe, Mbappe solo run into Argentina penalty area and shot, goal. 4-2 for France.

Argentina kept attacking but they couldn't score.

90+ mins, Messi gave a long pass to France penalty area and Aguero head the ball to France net, 3-4 for Argentina.

Argentina didn't have enough time to make a comeback, the whistle blows, full time. 4-3 for France.

A sad day for Argentina, and maybe this will be the last time Messi play for Argentina.