When will the third European Cup appear?

Yesterday, not only chose the masters finals of the European Cup the next years, but also officially confirmed the name of new competition under the auspices of UEFA – the League Conferences in Europe, although clever, perhaps, translated as League of the European Conferences, although the first option is more familiar because of the analogy with DS and LE.

UEFA's job is to make money, a lot of money. To lure more clubs from more countries to international matches, the original plan was to increase the Europa League from 48 participants in the group round to 64. But then hired analysts, and they calculated that it is financially more profitable to create a third tournament, cutting the Europa League.

From the summer of 2021, the UEFA zone will have three European cups of 32 participants – 96 teams will play in the autumn in the group rounds of LCH, LE and LK-the new Conference League. Therefore, the involvement will increase from 80 to 96 clubs, not so much, but significantly for these sixteen clubs that will receive a ticket to the new tournament or will pass it through the qualification.