Hello everyone hope you enjoyed your weekend with the sports events. Epl was supper and same applies to La liga and Seria A. Today Real Madrid nearly lost their match against Huesca. With the first 15-23 minutes Huesca scored their first goal making the Real Madrid team lose focus on how to get to level the game up but they made it and leveled to up in the first half before going for Half time. So when they came back from the first half Real Madrid also took the lead and then Huesca came back with an equalizer in the last minute of the game but we know Real Madrid has now take the comeback spirit of Manchester United so Benzema scored the die minute goal for Real Madrid making them win the match. So when the game came to an end to was 3-2 against Huesca. They tried proving stubborn but they couldn’t prove it well so the seniors had to lash them. I will add a little of the Epl games to it as Chelsea was also down by 1-0 in the first half by Cardif City. During the second half Miracles happened and then Chelsea came back with a 1-2 win. Now the Epl table has changed a little bit. The top 5 teams now is Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham, Manchester United and Arsenal. The points difference from the 3rd position to the 5th position is 1 point and some are goals so this should tell you how the epl is going. When you come to the La liga Barcelona is really leading with a 10 points difference followed by Atl. Madrid then Real Madrid, Gatafe and Alavés. We always know the team which will win the La liga so sometimes your prediction will work but as for epl is very tricky. When you go the the Seria A Juventus has taken the league so there is no need for a rush by the other teams. I will end here thank you for your time have a great day.