There has been a sanction or a charge against CR7 because of his attitude against Atheletico Madrid when they won 3-0 at Turin. He made the Juventus had a successful win to qualify for the next stage after his hat-trick. Because of the behavior he put up at his goal celebration the UEFA disciplinary committee has charged CR7 for that and now as it stands we dont know if he will be playing or not.

There has also been a news about Mario Balotelli planning to mock PSG for getting out of the Champions league. So their match against PSG he won a shirt with a printed face of Marcus Rashford the winning goal scorer for Manchester United during the match against PSG. So when Balotelli score he den celebrated with the T-Shirt with Rashford face. This image was then posted on Twitter but Balotelli is now denying of not doing that. Thank you for you lr time have a great day.