Did you think I had forgotten about you? Absolutely not! I was only very busy with the Scorum-Italia witness project. The Scorum community has spoken, each of the participants has proposed their team, let's see them one by one. I did not expect all this participation, you were really fantastic! Congratulations to all for the excellent works that you do, you made me have fun, intrigue and excite, each in their own way! I'm really proud to be part of this wonderful community!! Until now we have 13 participants and creativity was the topic of this contest, let see together what the first 10 great guys did!

Let's start with @cayelispor53, he was the first to partecipate with this post and to build the first training first of all. He has not respected the 250 words I've asked for in the rules, but I think he has do it because have some problems with English, I learn from his page that he is a Math Teacher and he comes from Turkey. The Turkish community is very active on Scorum, I know some of them thanks to bets, they do a lot of contest, I like their community attitude. The team built by him is really classy and full of champions, imprinted to total attack and has only two real defenders, Puyol and Maldini, with Gigi Buffon to fly everywhere and protect the door. I really appreciate his effort to partecipate! So your team won 10 SCR!

And now it's the turn of @saladyn276, a fresh Scorum member that only he registered himself this December an did a couple of posts up until now. He did a really good job, writing a very nice post. He analyzed his choices one by one and gave excellent explanations of why he chose them. He has respected the required rules in terms of words to be written, really well done. Also his bench seems really interesting with Peter Schmeichel, Paolo Maldini, Xavi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Pelé. Not too many real defenders in his team, just Sergio Ramos is a real one, a full-fledged fantasy team. Bravo Saladyn! You won 10 SCR! Figo is a really interesting choice, not to fast but with excellent technique!

@massimoc23 is my Italian mate, really young, he's 24 years old, he asked me to write his article in Italian, and I said of course to him, there was no special rules about languages! He give a name to his team, "dream team 2000" , by choosing only players that he see playing with his eyes on TV. He build a really solid team, a long bench and also add a coach, the special one. He also made a very good analysis of his choices, I agree with him 100%. Great job, congrats Massimo, until now you are the more creative football tam builder ! You also won 10 SCR! Ronaldo & Cr7 together will be amazing to see them playing!

Another Italian buddy-witness that partecipate with great joy to the contest! @frafiomatale, his creativity was really high level, he made the analysis and also add a picture one by one of his players, great idea! He also wrote in Italian, has built his own team to compete with that of Capitan Tsubasa. His bench is really long, Zoff, Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, Zico, Maldini, Cabrini, Matthäus, Scirea, Ibrahimović and Pirlo. The coach? Pep Guardiola. This team can easily win all the trophies of the football world! I love his choice of Chilavert like goalkeeper, he was amazing to shot penalty kicks! Excellent job my friend! You won 10 SCR too! Maradona-Messi-Ronaldo will be aliens, nobody can stop them for sure, and with that defense they will win everything is possible!

@kolumbus worked a lot on graphics, I love the pictures of his article, he made a really good article, he choose Drogba center forward, with the two aliens next to him he will score a lot for sure!! I love his choice about Giggs, this team is full of classy and fast footballers! I really appreciate is title "What Do You Think About My Best Eleven (Xi)?", asking to people what they think about it, a really smart move to involve interactions, really really well done!! Even here of course 10 SCR in your wallet!


How you can read here, @akarsufaruk have some problem with english language, so he didn't write too much, I told him in the comments that I'm not an english teacher and I will not go to see the grammar, my english too is not really great, but I think that the important thing is to interact with other users and let help the community grow together! If you made mistake you can always learn from that and improve yourself! Next time I expect more from you, ok!? 😉 I know that is not really fair to other people to have the same amount of SCR, so I will give you anyway 10 SCR, confident that during the future you will be more resourceful and dynamic!! I love his choice of Khan like goalkeeper and Lahm, two German walls with excellent strength and skills!

I know @davor27 from long time, we "meet" on Steemit, I partecipate a lot of time to his betting contest, now I'm really glad that he partecipate to one of mine! He do a great job with is post, he knows a lot about football, he is a Real Madrid supporter directly from Spain! Interesting choice that one of Matthias Sammer, former defender os Borussia Dortmund in the '90s, he was really strong. Van Basten like striker is amazing, what a excellent player, I alway loved him!! I like his bench too, with a really nice choices: Van der Sar - Casillas - Puyol - Baresi - Ramos - Thuram - Redondo - Hagi - Xavi - Savicevic - Boban - Figo - Suker - Hugo Sánchez - Ronaldinho - Batistuta - Weah. A team like that you can't stop it at all!! Congrats mate, 10 SCR in your pocket!

The good @lama10 do a really great job with is post, he choose the player topic like center forward, the great Ibra Cadabra! He also dedicate a video each player of his team, really creative, well done! At the end of his post wrote that he spend 5 or 6 hours of brainstorming to choose and "Please rate my squad from 1 to 10 in the comments", I love this kind of attitude! In his team the midfield is Pirlo, that's it.I don't know if this kind of team can exist in the reality but is a really interesting line-up. Nice choice that one of Vidic defender, you are the first one to choose him! Great! Higuita goalkeeper is great, what a crazy player, his safe with both heels enter in the history of football! You won 10 SCR my friend, enjoy!

@oxygen02 did a great job in his article, he built a great team, with Ibra number 9 to lead the attack, two fast footballers like Messi and Ronaldo next to him, among the fastest players never seen in the football history. I really liked the choice of Juninho Pernambucano with number 10 on his shoulders, Lampard, and Kanté midfielder, and Terry defender nobody choose them before him, original team, congrats! Of course you won 10 SCR! Bravo! He didn't choose a bench, but wasn't in the rules, he described really well his choice one by one, full of details and infos, I can't ask more from him! I find his team really balanced, each department is equipped to do his job perfectly.

@prates is a Turkish curator, betting consultant and a Poker player, how you can read in his blog. He's the only one to choose a different website to build his dream team, curious and original! The only "bad" thing is that he didn't write almost anything at all in his post, but he choose a lot of players on the bench: Kahn, Cafu, Nesta, Maldini, Roberto Carlos, Viera, Gerrard, Zidane, Messi, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo (the old one), and replacement players like Buffon, Ashley Cole, Puyol, Gennaro Gattuso, Iniesta, Veron, Didier Drogba.Team Coach : Fabio Capello, but he also love Fatih Terim and he's a Galatasaray fan! Sorry man but I have to give you 10 SCR, next time I wait for more!

In a first moment I was choosing to give different prize considering the respect of the few rules that I wrote in my post, but later I change my mind and I've decided to give all the same, is Christmas after all! This are just the first 10 entries of the contest, until now you are 13, the contest is endless, so I will wait for more teams before another payout, if nobody will build new teams soon, I will made another payout post in a reasonable time, I hope to see new teams! Here you can find my post with the rules, the new entries they can write the link of their articles in the comment of this post! I have to say thanks to Ibra that give me the idea for this contest!!! Zlataaaaan!!

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