The Red Devils have a golden generation, that is for sure. They confirmed it with a wonderful victory against Brasil in the last World Cup. It was 50 years ago they managed to get to the Semi Final with a sad place outside the top 30 of the World Ranking. A recent study shows that Belgium since the last 4 years has become a real killing machine !

It happened in March 2014. That day the Belgians played a 2-2. It was the day they start working from the negative goal balance to an all-time high ( if we stay in crypto terms :o) )

In 4 years, from -2 till exact +100 ( Result calculated after the 0-4 victory against Scotland, Sept 2018 ). Off course a 9-0 victory against Gibraltar, a 8-1 victory against Estonia etc makes it go fast.

Since these 4 years, they scored the most goals. 152 goals in 60 games. Germany made 142 in 66 games. See overview below.

Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku gets a lot of criticism from the supporters. I still wonder why? He is a beast on the picth. He made 36 goals in the last 4 years. Nobody did better so at this time he is the number 1 in Belgium since the start of the World Cup.

Eden Hazard made 21 goals and gave over 15 assists.

An overview:

Next match: First match ever on the Nations League

Ysland against Belgium tonight. They played 9 times before against each other and 9 times Belgium won. It should not be a problem this time either but never under estimate the strength of a group. Also the defense of Ysland is not bad at all. They play in a small stadium for only 9500 people. Ysland wants to show the 6-0 lost against Swiss last week was a mistake.

Belgium wants to win their group. It gives a ticket to the European Championship but also 7 mil euro!

Who to expect on the pitch?



Kompany, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Meunier

Witsel, Tielemans, Carrasco, Hazard,

Mertens en Lukaku



Saevarsson, Ingason, Sigurdsson, Magnusson

Gudmundsson, Bjarnason, Sigurdson, Gunnarsson, Halfredsson