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Today I bring you the forecast and the interesting data of two very good games for tomorrow, Tottenham - Chelsea and the game between "Nantes" - "Montpellier".

English League Cup, Tottenham - Chelsea.

To make a prediction for this match, you should not consider the Premier League ranking or the extreme matches of these teams. It is possible and necessary to know only that rotation is possible in both teams. It should be understood that the rotation in Tottenham will be more played from my point of view. This will predetermine the outcome of the match, i.e., in this sense, the "Tottenham" advantage.

If there is no serious rotation, Tottenham will still have a definite advantage. Because we know the style in which both teams play and, of course, the factor of their field will be of great importance.

The most practical and reasonable, from my point of view, the prognosis: both teams will score. Because of the cup match, the teams have great attacking potential, but you can't say that the teams play and give to each other. So Tottenham has a strong pressure, but their structure is different from Chelsea's, but the team acts very well in defence. The same can be said about Chelsea, whose elegant high pressure and, in fact, defensive actions at a sufficiently high level.

There is a view that the game will not be limited to two goals. I think the game will be pretty saturated with scoring episodes, so I would make a prediction like this: both will score and the total more (2.5).

Montpellier versus Nantes

The French football championship resumes on 8 January. In the post-match of Round 18 of Ligue 1, Montpellier will play Nantes on the road and try to get maximum points to continue the career of Lion and Lille in the fight for the Champions League zone.

January for the next rivals will be a busy month, will have to hold two meetings deferred from the first round, the matches of the French Cup and, of course, 3 initial confrontations of the second round of the Ligue 1.

During the weekend, Nantes and Montpellier started in the French Cup, where they showed different results in the 1/32 finals. The Paladins met one of the outsiders of League 3, Sannois. The game ended with a sensational victory for the hosts, the only goal of Languedocs lost 90 + 3 minutes.

The rival of "Nantes" was stronger, the middle of the Ligue 2, "Chateaurus". The game took place on the canary field and ended with a score of 4: 1 in favor of Nantes. In this case, I note that the Khalilhodzhich team acted as semi reserve composition.

"Montpellier" for a long time claimed the right to be called the main opening of the season. But at the end of the first round, the languedocios had the expected recession, the lack of a fully-fledged long bench was felt.

The team of Michel Ter-Zakaryan lost in 2 of the last matches of Ligue 1, defeating only the anguished Monaco (2: 1). Due to these results, Montpellier fell to the 4th row of the standings. "Lille", the "paladins", lagging behind the second, is 4 points behind, but they have two games less than the Great Danes. So Montpellier has every opportunity to join the fight for championship places. Few expected Montpellier, always stable and pragmatic, to compete this year for the championship medals. This team had previously shown that football was not interesting from the point of view of entertainment, relying on a reliable defense, but now the attack of the Languedocs is shown from the best side. In the active "Montpellier" already 3 victories with a great score. In the previous match of League 1, Ter-Zakarian halls tied with "Lion" (1: 1).

Exactly the same results and "Nantes" in the last five rounds. The "canaries" before the Christmas holidays were a little tired, lost points and fell to 14th place on the table. In the previous round of Ligue 1, the Bretons gave the battle to PSG, losing to the big one in Paris with a minimum score.

Today, Montpellier is not the easiest to solve. It would be as if the opponent were not so formidable: the "canaries", who, thanks only to a new mentor, Holilhodzhich, emerged recently from strangers, but this is not the same as "Nantes". The team has a drawing game, the players have become more responsible and confident in their skills. The leader of the Sala attacks, who scored 12 goals in the first half of the season, exploded.

The teams played 48 matches between them, a slight advantage on the side of Nantes (18 victories against 16 defeats). Canarias also achieved such an advantage due to the successful performance in the previous 3 seasons (5 wins, 1 defeat). The last time the opponents met on 30 October in the 1/16 League Cup final, Nantes won with a great score (3-0). I note that the "canaries" and "paladins" at the meeting were semi-reserved compositions.

In the next match, the opponents have almost the same chance of winning. I think the teams will be able to annoy each other with the goals scored.