In an interview with Ian Wright's youtube channel, a former English international, Romelu Lukaku spoke about the experience he lives in Italy, with the quarantine imposed as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

«I almost lost my mind yesterday. I can't go out, I can't train. I've been closed for nine days », he started by explaining, before telling how he keeps fit at home. «All players live in the center of Milan, in apartments. Milan asked who didn't have a static bike or a treadmill and everyone wanted to. After two hours, they were here at home. »

The Belgian striker, who has scored 17 league goals for Inter this season, has been dismayed by the move away from the pitch but reveals some positive points that he takes, personally, out of the situation. «I miss normal life. Being with my mother, my son, my brother ... I'm thinking of everyone. It's bad, you can't have contact with anyone. I miss training, playing in front of fans. Now you start to appreciate what you have. I'm lucky. My brother and I prevented my mother from leaving. My physical therapist is here with me. The club brings food every day, because of the diet. »