Fourth anniversary soccer event, World Cup, is the most glamorous and anticipated by many people. Neither football fans nor certainly many parties participated in the lively World Cup.

Held in Russia, the 2018 World Cup simply presents an unexpected moment on a green field. A number of national teams who once brought the World Cup trophy must go home.

Towards the end of the World Cup, not a few people also realize that this time filled with the flag of the country on the Continent. In fact, teams from Latin America, let's say Brazil Argentina and Uruguay are well known. This is a fact that can not be denied.

Indeed Brazil and Argentina entered in the strong bourse champion. The Skuat they brought was very convincing. In Brazil there are Neymar to Coutinho, in Argentina there is Messi to Aguero. But the result? They are dead before they can touch the semifinals.

When a European country is chosen to host, the teams of Latin America seem to be hit by a "curse" named failure. Recorded from 11 World Cup events in Europe, only three teams successfully broke through the semifinals, namely Brazil (1938, 1958, 1958 and 1998), Argentina (1990) and Uruguay (1954).

Only Brazil has ever won the title in the Land of Europe, namely in 1958 in Sweden. At that time the Brazilian reinforced legendary players such as Pele, Zagalo, Vava until Mazola successfully overthrew the host Sweden in the final round. It is also Brazil's first-ever championship achievement in the World Cup.

Contrary to the achievement of the Latin American team, countries from Europe are now beginning to show their strong dominance in the World Cup. This year can be ascertained that the champion is a European country, whether it is France, Belgium, England or Croatia.

A little look back, 2014 World Cup last year held in Brazil. But again the European team that came out as champions after Germany successfully beat Argentina in the final round. That year is also a new historical record, in which the European team successfully won the World Cup in the Land of Latin America. .

Backward again, the dominance of the European team is also evident when the World Cup was held in South Africa in 2010 ago. Spanish out of the championship. In this edition, representatives of Latin America, Uruguay lost in the semifinals and ranked 4th.

The 2006 World Cup was held in Germany. At that time Italy successfully made a big surprise after the exit so the champion while being snagged case Calciopolli alias setting the score. Italy successfully beat France in the final round after going through a fierce penalty shootout. Again there is no Latin American representative in the semifinals.

The superstar Lionel Messi is likely to hang up shoes from Argentina after this, which means Argentina will lose their best players. Even so, the Tango Team is known to have a tradition of spawning great players, especially in the line of attackers. Their opportunity to re-excel in the next World Cup mat is still wide open.

In Brazil alone, names like Neymar, Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus, Marcelo, Firmino, Casemiro are still in the age range allowing for more World Cup appearances. Did not rule out if there are new young talents that will also appear after this.

Indeed this time, the country teams in Latin America must take a bitter pill at the 2018 World Cup. Watching the glory of Europe to get back the trophy World Cup is painful.

Even so there is still a chance ahead for them to succeed again to bring home victory from the World Cup. As long as the ball is still spinning, no one will ever know how the outcome of the match will end.