The world of football is constantly changing, especially by the technology that enables the birth of new changes in the world's most popular sports game.

The Juventus star and German national team player, Sami Khedira, once said football is about emotions. Something interesting to discuss is when the 2018 World Cup that has taken place in Russia using video Technology Assistant Referee (VAR). VAR technology makes football players who scored misgivings. Whether he can celebrate his hard work or not.

These concerns can be used as a comparison case in Germany vs South Korea match held at Kazan Arena Stadium. Kim Young-gwon, successfully hit the ball into the German goalkeeper who escorted Manuel Neur. Then the German players protested the goal. They think Kim has been in an off-side position.

South Korean celebration is then delayed. The referee, within about 5 minutes, examined the German protests by going to the VAR screen on the edge of the field. Finally the referee endorsed the goal for not seeing any mistakes. The delayed South Korean celebration, resuming, hahaha ... is so unique!

What happened to Germany's game against South Korea can be said as football death. The use of the latest technology in the world of football is inevitable. In the 2018 World Cup that has been going on in Russia for example. In addition to the use of VAR, all matches have been equipped technology Goal Line Technology (GLT).

GLT began to be implemented in trial form in 2012, utilizing six to eight 500 FPS (frame per second) cameras simultaneously guarding the goal line. GLT developed Hawk-Eye Innovation, the company under the control of Sony.

In addition to VAR and GLT, there is also Adidas that incorporates NFC chip technology on the official World Cup soccer ball of Telstar 18. Sam Brown, another Goal journalist, says the technology that goes into football allows the game to be higher quality.

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, once said that football is about humans. Blatter in 2012 and once said as long as he is still president of FIFA, he promises no such technology will enter the world of the ball. Unfortunately, Blatter had to resign due to a corruption scandal in the world football federation.

And it is true, eventually the football has slowly lost the human side, such as the limitations of the five senses that used to be a spice and drama that presents the emotions of players and spectators. How do you think?