Today, the city will become known, which will host the “final four” of the main European club futsal tournament under the auspices of UEFA.

According to UEFA regulations, it considers not only applications from teams that have made it to this stage, but also applications from other cities.

In order to study the infrastructure, even the UEFA Futsal General Manager Laurent Morel came to Minsk. He shared his impressions of what he saw in an interview:

Due to the fact that the mini-football club “Stalitsa” did not qualify for the “final four”, of course, there is little chance that Minsk will get this stage. But if a miracle happens, the atmosphere in the capital of Belarus will be amazing. It’s enough to recall how the main and elite rounds of the UEFA Futsal Champions League went this year in the Uruchye sports complex. We recall the first day of the elite round using an atmospheric video: