Italian football is popular not only due to top clubs and players of the first magnitude, but also due to peculiar television shows, the genre of which has not changed for several decades. Each large television channel has a program, one of the leading of which is a spectacular Italian. The ratings for these programs are off the charts.

Diletta Leotta

DAZN-powered Diletta is now Italy’s most popular host of football shows. Leotta has been working on TV since the age of 19, and among the guests of her show were Jose Mourinho, Andriy Shevchenko, Paolo Maldini and Roberto Mancini.

A few years ago, Diletta was the victim of hackers who posted on the Web her candid photos. The presenter claimed that in many pictures she was not, but still very worried.

Recently, Leotta began to meet with the famous Italian boxer Daniele Skardina.

Silvia Caruso

Sylvia hosts the Monday Night television show, whose ratings soared after inviting a girl from Sicily. Caruso already has more than 2 million subscribers on Instagram, while the presenter immediately warns that she has only a bad effect.

Ludovica Pagani

Louis has been collaborating with SportItalia for a long time. Recently, the presenter admitted that she regularly receives messages from football players, but they all receive instant rejection.

Giorgia Rossi

Georgia previously worked on Lazio Club Television, and then appeared on major Rai Sport and Sky Sport channels. Now Rossi is the face of Mediaset.

Jolanda De Rienzo

The former SportItalia host, and now the face of Eleven Sports Italia, became a member of a major scandal several years ago: her colleague Walter De Maggio kicked Yolanda out of the air when she began to criticize her beloved Napoli. Walter found her remarks biased. Other men tried to stop the presenter, but she no longer listened to anyone and ran away from the studio. This made Yolanda only more popular. By the way, her husband is a former Napoli coach Nicolo Flustalupi.

Monica Bertini

This is not the first year that Monica has been leading the Mediaset channel programs. Her specialization is the Italian Football Championship.