After the climbers from Belarus raised the fire of the Second European Games on the highest mountain of Europe, the torch relay of the world continued on its way through the Old World.

The torch has already been carried through the streets of Slovenia:

Here the mascot of the Second European Games, Little Fox Lesik found a friend:

Next, the fire was brought to Austria:

But the largest procession as long as Hungary organized. For the sake of the relay overlapped the entire center of Budapest, more than 100 torchbearers ran through the beautiful streets of the Hungarian capital. And there were more support cars, 5 buses, a column of bikers. Admire:

You ask: "What does football have to do with it?" And it’s not only that one of the most exciting sports to be presented at the European Games in Minsk from June 21 to 30 will be beach soccer. Indeed, besides this, many footballers participate in the torch relay.

For example, the striker of the Hungarian “Ferencváros” and the national team of Belarus Nikolai Signevich with a torch on the streets of Budapest:

Well, today the relay will get to Slovakia. And before the games left 42 days...

Photo source: official website of the Second European Games.