Usually I write about topics I am passionate about such as environmental personal achievements, animal rescues, some crypto related topics and my favorite sport: jiu jitsu, or just something around sports.

Today I want to bring to the platform a post about a Futsal Team my friends and I have, so by the time the years pass we will be able to read this post with our kids and why not... with the kids of ours kids.

Above: Calito - el cr - Daniel - Luca - Juan C. (DT) / Below: Ciza - Yassir - Luigui - Juampi

We are currently competing in a 5 team tournament, it's has been very difficult, very competitive but most importantly very fun too.

The average age of our team is 36, none of us have played professionally, nor do we intent to, especially at our age, but we enjoy doing sports a lot and spend a good time together playing the game.

Since most of us grew up in the Capital of Panama, Panama City, we decided to name our team “Club Atlético Capital” (CAC), and this is the logo that one of our members of the team came up with:

I do want to add for the posterity of this post, that I personally wanted a funny name with a cool logo for our team, these were my proposals but as expected, nobody liked it:

Anyways, my friends wanted something more serious and a futbol related name. So we are C.A.C.

So far we have lost 2 games, 1 draw and won 3, making a total of 10 points by today's post. All the games have been very intense and very hard, but we have made it this far and we cannot complain for the outcome.

Sometimes luck, if it exists, plays against us. Unfortunately, our captain (Jorge P.) of the team had an injury 2 games ago in his knee and can no longer play. It was a tough one, his LCA is damaged and needs an operation. We were all very sad for the injury in his knee. His position is pivot in the back defending, an important key of the team. He will need a lot of support from us and we will always be there for him. Hopefully he will be able to recover from this one fast!

Here is a picture of him in the hospital after his injury:

And if it wasn't enough, there is also another player (Luis L.) with no major injury but also kept him out of the last game we played last night Wednesday 28th of November. He will come back.

On top of all these, our stellar goalkeeper, my brother from the same mother and father Ciza (as we call him), probably the best goalkeeper of the tournament, is leaving next week to Germany to visit his girlfriend. We are still discussing who will take his place… things are getting more difficult for us as you can see.

This is my bro Ciza, a real warrior of the team:

Last night we needed to win to secure a good position for the next stage, there is only 1 more game to go and then we will pass to the elimination stage. We did not know what to expect, 2 important players injured, I was a bit sick, but we were there ready for battle.

While having a chat in the Whaleshares Discord server, talking about fútbol, one of the members said to me:

Enjoy your game as much as you can. I believe enjoying things leads to better results, instead of focusing on a win.

I brought these words with me to the game and tried to transmit the message to the team. We knew we had to win but we were there to have fun as well, and guess what? WE WON!

Yes, we won 3 to 2, tough game. Jaumpi, Calito and myself scored for our team.

And here we are celebrating with a nice cold beer after the game:

I am sure my friends will enjoy this post today and in a few years as well. I hope we can win the tournament but if we don't, it doesn't matter, there will be more tournaments to come, most importantly to stay active, run, sweat, kick that ball and have fun!

Some images of our team:

Above: Jorge P. - Juampi - el CR - Yassir / Below: Daniel - Calito - Ciza - Luigui & Luis L.
Jorge P. & Calito happy and celebrating one of the winnings.
Ciza, Jorge P. and Daniel
Calito & Luis L.
Regardless of winning or losing a good beer after the game is mandatory!

Lets see how we end up the tournament, wish us luck!

This post is dedicated to our friend Jorge P. who is currently in Panama City visiting the doctor regarding his injury.

Do you also have a team in your town of any sport? Do you practice any sport that you enjoy either as a hobby or professionally? Let me know down below and please share your moments as well, I will support you!

Thank You!

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